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A Little Bit of Light Goes A Long Way

Yesterday marked the shortest and darkest day of the year. The Winter Solstice.


Today marks the day that from this point forward, (for the next year at least), things are going to get increasingly brighter each day.

The challenge? For you too, to one day at a time, one step at a time, try syncing up with the sun and be a little brighter each day.

Instead of staring at your New Years Resolution list that’s 20 goals more than you can handle, highlight one of the most important ones and make tiny increments of progress towards it.

The story of Jesus birth is one we all know, even if there’s not much else you know about God’s word. He came to the world as a sweet precious baby, promised to be the eternal King and Savior of the world. He did not come into the stable with a laundry list of big changes that needed to be made immediately.

Can we talk about expectations for a second?

People expect a lot. The you’s and me’s of the world expect more than what the world can give. Add this honey-do list of things we can’t possibly attain to start as soon as a new year begins. It’s impressive that we still put that much effort into it. We just don’t seem to get it.

Good things take time, my friends.

I had a wise friend and mentor share his perspective on his favorite part about Christmas. He says “It’s not about the baby. Everyone knows that story. It’s about the new Christ that will be born in me this year. It’s about seeing how I can be a little more like Christ each day.”

When we compare the history of the winter solstice to the birth of Jesus, it is hard not to see the correlation.

The darkest days met with a hope that the days were going to get a little bit brighter.

There was no promise of it happening overnight. Although there was promise that the plans He has for us would prosper us and bring us closer to his light. Birth doesn’t happen without pain. Life comes from the darkness of a womb.

When the grind is grinding and the going gets tough, think of how smooth things will be after you’ve worked out all that’s rough.

So instead of 20, let’s start with one. How will you contribute to this light work in you that’s already begun? It may be reading more, exercise, or a diet change. It is more quiet time or an attitude change. Take the time to process, develop, and ignite. God has brought us the greatest gift of all time. And that gift is the light.

Happy Christmas and Solstice my friends. May this season of light fill you with a wave of peace and knowing that your darkest days will soon be bright.

Local Pulse Staff Writer & Holy Moments Columnist, Makenna Curtis

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Makenna Curtis is a Pensacola local with a BIG heart for her hometown. Motherhood, storytelling, helping others, and celebrating the small things in life are just a few of her favorite things. Makenna graduated the University of West Florida with a degree in Communications and Advertising in 2017. Her passion for living life to the fullest and connecting with others makes having a conversation or reading her work easy!