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We Are In New York, Baby! Happy Thanksgiving!

Santa arrives at the 97th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Over one million spectators started lining the streets at 3:30 am this morning for the 97th Annual Macy’s Day Parade.


We were three of the one million plus.  Call us crazy, but our granddaughter is turning 13 and she thought it was cool, so off we flew yesterday on one of the new direct flights from Pensacola to New York.

Luckily, we also had an invitation to the New York Police Department’s family area and were escorted by one of their finest to be able to view the parade from the press perspective.

Here are the stats listed for the magnificent parade:

+25 large balloons

+31 floats

+11 marching bands

+18 musical performers

What that doesn’t include is this:

+It was 45 degrees this morning which for us Florida soft humans was chilly but most of the million were unphased by the cold and thought is was perfect parade viewing weather.

+Our viewing area was filled with children and grandchildren of employees of the New York City Police Department.  We watched as their eyes widened with wonder as towering balloons that were almost close enough to touch floated through their city streets.  Their hearts were simply captivated by the festive performers throwing confetti at them and the holiday-themed singing.

Could it be possible that this one million-plus gathering of people is one of the largest each year where people’s hearts are filled with joy? I think so.

I sure felt it being right in the middle of Columbus Circle where the parade route takes a hard left onto Central Park South.

Happy Thanksgiving from our Local Pulse family to yours,

Lisa Long Lyter, Editor in Chief

P.S.  I asked my granddaughter what her favorite part of the parade was, and she responded without hesitation, “I got to see Jimmy Fallon!  He looked right at me and waved! This is the best trip ever!”

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