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Studer Community Institute Supports Entrepreneurs

We all want our community to be a great place to live. That’s what Studer Community Institute is all about. A non-profit founded by Quint Studer, our mission is to improve the quality of life for all in the diverse communities we serve. SCI does this by focusing on three areas: Building Brains (programs to inform, equip, and support parents on the pivotal importance of early brain development), Building Jobs (efforts to help entrepreneurs succeed as well as provide impactful skills training to business leaders), and Building Community (collaborations and partnerships that are vital to fulfilling our mission).


We’re partnering with Local Pulse Pensacola (since they’re also dedicated to making our community better) to raise awareness about the work SCI does so more people can participate, support, and benefit from the effort. Look for twice a month articles starting with a series of eight highlighting our signature program for entrepreneurs, the Venture Mentoring Service.

VMS is based on the renowned model created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and brought to Pensacola by SCI.

Venture Mentoring Service meeting

The program, provided free for entrepreneurs, centers on the transformative power of team mentoring. Entrepreneurs accepted into the program are paired with a team of 3-5 mentors for ongoing advice and guidance. We have a stable of over 40 mentors who volunteer their time to make a difference for local entrepreneurs. These are some of the brightest minds and most successful people in our community. Since SCI started VMS in 2020, 39 local companies have been helped (most are still in the program), and we add more every year. The upcoming articles will introduce you to some of the worthy mentees benefitting and the wonderful mentors making it possible.

It’s just part of SCI’s vision to make Pensacola the greatest place to live in the world. We’re grateful Local Pulse is helping us take another step on that journey.

Venture Mentoring Service meeting

Steve Nissim is Chief Storyteller for Studer Community Institute, a non-profit 501c(3) organization in the Pensacola, Florida area whose mission is improving the quality of life for all people in the diverse communities we serve. Learn more at www.studeri.org