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Want a Recreational Challenge?

Chris Lyter of Pace, Florida, checks out the skate park for the first time on Saturday.

Want a recreational challenge today?  Grab your skateboard and head to The Blake Doyle Skatepark at Hollis T. Williams Park on N. Hayne Street in Pensacola.


It boasts:

+approximately 25,000 square feet of skateable surface area

+built for skaters of all ages and skill levels

 +includes a beginner area, multilevel skate plaza, and two skate bowls, along with an additional 5,700 square feet of surrounding sidewalk and gathering areas

+quickly becoming a regional destination

+it is free to use

+is a public park owned by the City of Pensacola

+open daily from dawn until dusk

A few things to remember:

+no animals allowed

+no glass bottles

+no smoking, alcohol, or drugs

Find more information here: https://bit.ly/SkateParkInformation