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Pensacola Police Department’s Skateboard Patrol

Pensacola Police Department partners with local organizations to assemble and distribute skateboards.

In its first month of operation, the Blake Doyle Community Skatepark is as successful as the PPD Social Media account, which means two things: it’s got a lot of users and it makes people smile. What more do you need?


Well, Patrol Lieutenant Eric Hubley could think of something…skateboards. 

You see, Lieutenant Hubley isn’t just an officer – he’s a Dad of a pretty phenomenal young skateboarder, Harrison. So when Eric Hubley is on patrol in our community, he sees Pensacolians through the eyes of both an officer and a Father. 

“Harrison and I travel all over the south visiting other skateparks,” he shares proudly, “I got this idea from another skatepark about a non-profit that hands out skateboards to kids that can’t afford them. As police officers, we come into contact with kids every day that cannot afford skateboards. The great thing about a skateboard is that once you have the board, it’s pretty much all you need to do the sport (plus safety equipment) and you can do it on your own, too.”

With all the energy and excitement of the new skatepark, it made sense for Hubley to ask Jon Shell of The Shell Group, Sean Fell at Waterboyz, and Stephen Davis with Pensacola’s Finest Foundation to be involved. Jon spearheaded and shepherded the movement to build the skatepark; Waterboyz is a popular skateboarding hub, skatepark, and retailer; and Pensacola’s Finest supports our police and community.

“Pensacola’s Finest Foundation has four main areas that we concentrate on – training, equipment, officer wellness, and community outreach. Obviously, building skateboards for kids is community outreach,” explains Stephen Davis, President of Pensacola’s Finest Foundation, “We’ve been active for a little over a year now, giving away over $40,000 for those areas of concentration. Since they’ve built the skatepark next door to the police department, it just makes sense for us to be good neighbors and support this project.” 

On Tuesday, May 30, with the help of Pensacola’s Finest Foundation funding ten skateboards and Waterboyz First Ride Foundation with five, a new community outreach project was born. Harrison Hubley along with Chris Bickham, buyer for Waterboyz, and Jon Shell and Mic James both of The Shell Group and Upward Intuition, led the officers in assembling the first batch of skateboards for this project. 

“From the Police Department’s perspective, it’s great because we can send kids to the skatepark. We can give them a board and then point them in the right direction of the new skatepark,” Hubley adds.

CRA Officer Dave Partrick loves the idea and was on hand to assemble the boards. He is one of the officers assigned to the downtown area, including the skatepark, and is often on bike patrol. “Since the skatepark is right next door, we go over a couple of times a day, Patrick says, “We want to keep it a safe place for people of all ages to enjoy.”

Other officers participating in the project were the Pensacola High School Resource Officer, Heather Dekle; Washington High School Resource Officer David Huhn; Community Outreach Officer Ken McMahon; and Community Outreach Lieutenant Chad Willhite. 

After the boards were assembled, Lieutenant Hubley led a group to deliver some boards to some neighborhood children, as well as the Fricker Community Center, Ronald McDonald House, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwest Florida. Helmets will be delivered from the City of Pensacola. 

Due to the generous support of The Hive, a foundation started by the Innisfree corporation, this opportunity will continue throughout the summer; meaning more skateboards will be purchased, assembled, and given out.

Pensacola Police Officer Ben Gentry was on hand for the delivery to the Ronald McDonald House. “As a childhood cancer survivor, The Ronald McDonald House is important to me. I was able to go to summer camp because of them and it left a lasting impression on me,” Gentry shares.

“We also want to invite the community to bring children ten and under for a free skate clinic at the second big event for the skatepark on June 10,” Jon Shell says of Upward Intuition’s Opening Day event.

Opening Day will feature two of skateboarding’s biggest names: Andrew Reynolds and Jamie Foy, both of the New Balance Numeric Pro Team. The kid’s clinic will begin at 9 a.m. The day-long event will feature live music and art, as well as food trucks and skate competitions.

For more on this event, visit Upward Intuition here. 

For more information about Pensacola’s Finest Foundation, visit the link here.