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Nursing is a Work of Heart

I know I am not alone in believing that healthcare workers, especially nurses, deserve more credit for all the life saving work they do. National Nurses Week started Saturday, May 6, and goes until Friday, May 12, and celebrates nurses and their impact with special recognition all week long.


As a cancer survivor who spent a year in the hospital, my love and appreciation for this field of work and the individuals who dedicate their life to it runs deep. I believe everyone has been positively impacted by a nurse at some point in their life.

Whether it was a nurse who helped deliver your child, a nurse who cared for a sick parent or grandparent or a nurse who held your hand during a hard time, the imprint they leave on our lives last a lifetime.

Every time I visit the hospital (not just during International Nurses Week) it’s a huge reminder of what nurses were to me during my most difficult year.

You were caregivers, communicators, and advocates for my well-being. You were hand-holders, voices-of-reason, and my biggest cheerleaders. You became my best friends during long days of chemo. You lead with calming voices and became everyday familiar faces of compassion.

And for those things, I am forever grateful.

I recently asked a friend of mine what her favorite part about being a nurse is and her response warmed my heart like a big bowl of mom’s chicken noodle soup.

“My favorite part of being a nurse is being able to connect with the patients and being there for them in any why possible while they’re going through a tough time. I love being able to take the connection we make and extend the care past just medical and help them mentally or spiritually if I can. Even if it’s just the one smile they see that day, I feel like it can make a difference!” Kamiren Woods, Ascension at Home.

It does make a difference, a big one. Don’t forget to go hug all your nurse friends this week, they are doing God’s work!

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