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3 Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

Photo: Kateryna Hliznitsova

I am the world’s worst at waiting until the last minute. Part of it is a very busy schedule with limited time to shop, but a large majority of it is anxiety over picking out the perfect gift. As I get older, I am learning that the sentiment really does count most of the time. 


As a mother, the most meaningful thing to me is not a gift or a brunch, but time together. 

So what do my procrastinators do if you’ve waited until the last minute on a gift and brunch spots are full?

Here are three simple ideas for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift in Pensacola:

  1. If the mothers in your life love music, contact The Fresh Market now for their Mother’s Day Brunch meal for 4 for only $34.99, then take Mom for an afternoon out in Seville Square for an afternoon of beautiful music with Pensacola Opera al Fresco! This month’s Al Fresco takes place during the Sunday Bayside Market – enjoy all of the artists and vendors set up in the beautiful Seville Square and then a lovely concert of favorite opera, musical theatre, and popular tunes. Bring your lawn chairs!
  2. For the sentimental Mom, choose a favorite childhood memory and write a letter to her describing your recollection of that time. If you have a treasured photograph together, print it out at CVS or Walgreen’s One-Hour photo processing and pop it in a simple frame, also available at those locations. Invest in the presentation of the gift by reading it out loud to her, before handing it over. For those that live far from the mothers in your life, you could do the same and send them the video. 
  3. If you live near your mom and your childhood places, consider a mini-driving tour of favorite or recognizable places from your childhood, where you went to school, an old house you lived in, and so forth. It doesn’t have to be expensive or perfect to be meaningful. If you aren’t from here, pick up Pub Subs from Publix or create an easy charcuterie board and make your own picnic, then sit on the beach and spend time together. Ask her questions about her life, her feelings, and her dreams. And if you haven’t done so lately, share your feelings and dreams for your own life. Tell her why she is important to you. 

And finally, take a picture of her and with her. She will cherish it forever and even if you don’t right now, someday it will be the gift you gave yourself. 

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