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Resurrection Day

Photo by Joel Muniz

Several years ago, when I was working a shift at the Pensacola Police Department a buddy and I were downtown in uniform. There was a large street party event, and we went into a restaurant and were standing in line.


It was packed, shoulder to shoulder when I heard someone say, “Yeah, they do look familiar”.

I peered around the guy next to me to find a lady talking to her young son. We made eye contact and she said “Hi” and had her son say “Hi” as well.

I gave her son a badge sticker, one of about 500 I handed out that day. We chatted for a second and I told her that she looked familiar. She stuck out her hand and introduced herself. I could see tears welling up her eyes.

I can be a bit slow, but I put it together. She was a prostitute from back in the 90’s.

That day she did not look like I remembered her. She could pass for an everyday soccer mom now – confident, put together, you know the type. There was no hint of the person she used to be.

I had lots of questions, but this wasn’t the time or place.

I just said, “You good?”.

She nodded her head and said, “I really am”, while looking me straight in the eye and trying not to cry.

Neither one of us wanted to have that conversation right then so I took her at her word.

Later I saw her and her son taking silly selfies on Palafox. I could not have been prouder of her. I have faith that she turned the corner somewhere; and is now being the woman and Mom she was made to be.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish her a happy Resurrection Day.

Retired Captain Stephen Davis,

Pensacola Police Department

Pensacola’s Finest Foundation

*Note from Local Pulse Editor: Stephen Davis is a part of our Community Voices series. Community Voices is a group of Pensacola dwellers that are making a difference in our city by sharing best practices, experiences, their perspective on impactful subjects, and contributing expertise that leads to movement forward for a stronger community.