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People Need to Know They Matter

Local Pulse Community Voice, Tonya Zimmern

“Empowering others while building community”.


What better way to introduce myself as a Local Pulse Community Voice than by leading with my team’s core value?

Running a real estate business is something that we have crafted, curated, and fine-tuned over the last 25 years. It’s what we’re good at– what we know. The Zimmern Team has grown to 16 team members that serve both residential and commercial clients on the Gulf Coast. But, just recently within the last couple of years, have we really pushed ourselves to think about our “why.”

We all like to think that there’s something bigger than us out there. A reason why we push ourselves to put our best foot forward and bring good into the world.

We truly believe our purpose is to make people feel empowered and show individuals from all walks of life that they are worthy, they can do big things, and they can make a difference in our community to make the Gulf Coast an area that continues to flourish and include people from all walks of life.

Empowerment starts at a young age. Did you know the first critical period of brain development begins around age 2 and concludes around age 7? That means elementary age students are some of the fastest learners on the planet– both academically and cognitively. Not only are they learning things in school, but they are learning socioeconomic boundaries that are being pushed on them. They are listening to adults who are influencing their way of thinking daily.

This is a huge reason why my team and I have decided to focus our attention on supporting an Escambia County school, Brentwood Elementary. Over 80% of the students at Brentwood Elementary live in low-income communities and are eligible for free school meals.

The Zimmern Team’s first involvement with the school was during Christmas 2022. We showed up to an event planned by Krewe of SWAT where they coordinated a massive effort to provide Christmas for all 450 children in the school. The children received essentials such as toiletries, snacks, warm hats, and gloves, but they were also able to get presents such as books and stuffed animals. There was a DJ and ice cream, pictures with Santa, and a few dance battles even broke out after the gifts had been distributed.

It was a lot of fun, but the most rewarding part of the volunteer effort was the resounding look on every single one of those children’s faces that said, “I matter.”

You could tell they felt worthy.

They felt empowered.

And that’s what it is all about.

Recently, The Zimmern Team participated in the Brentwood Elementary Mardi Gras Parade. We loaded up the truck with beads, moon pies, sunglasses, and stuffed animals, and again watched the children’s faces light up with joy as we paraded around the exterior of the school, proving that people in the community cared enough to do something special just for them.

They matter.

They felt empowered.

While there are many non-profits we are involved in, and many other ways that my team and I strive to empower people to build a strong sense of community, showing up for Brentwood Elementary is something we will continue to do.

Real estate is one of the many pieces of the foundation a strong community is built on, but so are consistency and empowerment. We will continue to show the Gulf Coast that we are committed to continuing to build on that foundation and invite you all to join us along the way.

Real estate and real love,

Tonya Zimmern, Realtor

The Zimmern Team, Keller Williams Gulf Coast Realty


*Note from Local Pulse Editor: Tonya Zimmern is a part of our Community Voices series. Community Voices is a group of Pensacola dwellers that are making a difference in our city by sharing best practices, experiences, their perspective on impactful subjects, and contributing expertise that leads to movement forward for a stronger community.