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Native Cafe Begins Remodel

After a year and a half of set backs, Native Cafe announced that they have officially begun their remodel and expansion of their mom and pops coastal cafe that so many natives — from near and far — love so dearly.


Next month will start their 15th year in business and in that year they are excited to be giving their guests ‘more space, more vibes and more Native’. The space will be doubling in size as they will take over the space next to their current one.

The team announced that they will remain open until the final weeks of renovation when the dividing wall will come down with hopes of completion by this summer. On Monday, April 3, Native celebrated the groundbreaking with all of their partners and we were honored to celebrate with them.

Native Cafe truly captures the essence of Pensacola Beach, and we believe they are a great representation what our village is all about. A locally owned, family-run restaurant who celebrate their coastal roots and celebrate their people —  local natives and visiting natives.

From Native:

Life is like a renovation — it’s better when you do it together. At Native, we enjoy doing life and renovations together with these people. Just in time for our 15th anniversary, we are overjoyed to announce that Native Cafe has officially began its remodel, and in our 15th year we will be giving our guests more space, more vibes and MORE Native!

We have overcome a mountain of hurdles over the last year and a half to get to this day so we welcomed a celebration this past Monday. Our partners, employees and leadership team came together for a champagne mimosa toast, a blessing and a keel laying ceremony to honor our coastal roots.

A keel laying ceremony typically takes place on a boat where the ship’s owners sign a piece of metal or a piece of wood that gets built into the hull of the ship. The symbolism behind the ceremony is to commemorate that their new endeavor is something to believe in and something to be passionate about – until the ship no longer sails – in unity as crew and leadership.

And that is precisely what our promise is as we embark on our new journey – Native 2.0.

None of which would be possible without the help of the wonderful people photographed here. They believed in us, they stood by us and, most of all, are our trusted advisors for this next leg of the journey!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to each and everyone of you — we can’t wait to see what’s next for this coastal, family-owned beach cafe. And we are so grateful to God for allowing us to be stewards in this great community.

Here’s to YOU and here’s to more Native.

Herb & Versilla Turner

Caldwell Associates Architects

Studer Community Institute – Spring VMS Institute

Mosley Construction

Michael Carro, SVN Southland

Lisa Long-Lyter & Elli Gentile, Red Iron Design House

Katie Cooper-Bussell, Lemon Life Design

Melissa Bailey, Visit Pensacola

David Theriot, Kesco

Scott & Elly Fisher, Fisher Cabinet Company

Payne Plumbing

Bubba Barberi Air Conditioning & Heating

McElhany Electric

Tom Paux, Brix Design

Saltmarsh CPA

Evergreen Printing



Five Flags Embroidery

Joe Passeretti, Beggs & Lane Attorneys

The Native Team

Stay tuned here for construction updates along with when you can expect a short closure & grand reopening.