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Entrecon Extra — Balancing Stress and Priorities

Don’t miss this Entrecon Extra on April 11 focusing on time management and prioritization with tips and tricks for those who are feeling overworked or overwhelmed.

You have clients, deadlines, bosses, employees, marketing, projects, and of course family—and they are all demanding your time and attention and pulling on you from every direction! The demands and the pace of our busy lives pressure us all.


That’s why the Studer Community Institute is bringing in expert speaker and leadership coach Julie Burch to share quality tactics on how to better manage your time!

You’ll leave the training knowing:

  • What the 4 destructive time management styles are — and how to ensure you aren’t one of them!
  • How to handle a crisis at work like a pro.
  • How to identify the “good” stress and “bad” stress.
  • How to define your own definition of balance and stop comparing yourself to others.
  • How to overcome the mental roadblocks to productivity— like procrastination and the “get it all done syndrome” once and for all.
  • What it means to be clear in your priorities — and follow through on them!

Don’t miss this chance to go from super stressed to superhero, register here.

About the speaker:

Julie D. Burch has over 24 years experience as a professional speaker, she has had the privilege of speaking to audiences in all 50 states, 4 countries, St. Thomas, St. Croix, and Puerto Rico. She has done extensive work with Electric Cooperatives all over the state of Texas as well as Colorado and Louisiana. She has presented virtual and live programs for industry leaders from Texas Tech University to the U. S. Army, from Mercedes Benz to Fidelity Investments. Working with a wide range of industries from Banks to Cities- 10 associations and Universities- Julie makes training fun! She was honored with a guest appearance on “Good Morning America” where she was interviewed by Diane Sawyer. And she was named the SHRM’S HR Southwest Conference 2017 Speaker Hall of Fame Inductee. She has served on the National Board of Directors for the American Business Women’s Association as well as the local board for CYT-Dallas Fort Worth. More on Julie here.