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5 Pensacola Restaurants for Crawfish Day

Photo: Stephanie Moody

You might want to trade your after-Easter whites for a full-body apron, but for Crawfish Day on April 17, it’s worth it. Here are four places to satisfy your Cajun cravings tomorrow.

  1. John Seafood – what’s different about John Seafood is that you can truly customize your order and heat level. They serve a traditional crawfish boil with corn and potatoes, sausage if you want. But there’s plenty of other seafood to choose from.
  2. Seafood Station – 20% OFF: Live/Boiled Louisiana Crawfish (Wednesday and Thursday) with their Viet-Cajun (garlic butter) seasoning. Free 1.0 lb +corn +potato when ordering 4 lb on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  3. Crackin’ Crab – 10-piece crawfish boil served Monday to Friday 11 am – 3 pm. Served with one corn and two potatoes.

Restaurants with a taste of crawfish on the menu:

  1. Restaurant Nola – Bowl of Crawfish Etouffee served with Gambino’s® French bread
  2. Peg Leg Pete’s – Peg Leg’s has a sauce called Crawfish Julie that you can add to just about anything. For an extra $6.99, turn any plate Cajun.

The site to order crawfish:

  1. Louisiana Crawfish & Seafood -For years, a location has operated on Creighton Road, but you can also contact Louisiana Crawfish and have it shipped. This is Louisiana crawfish at its best.