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New Cubes on The Block


The city of Pensacola partnered with the Pensacola Museum of Art to bring some brightness and positivity to not only Museum Plaza, but also John Sunday, Jr Plaza at City Hall.


CUBED is an outdoor mural installation and live mural painting performance consisting of two 8ft x 8ft cubes flanking Museum Plaza in downtown Pensacola. The cubes each consist of 4 walls measuring 8ft x 8ft per side.

This year, they had a total of 12 walls available for artists to design and paint custom works of art – two cubes are located at the Museum Plaza and one cube is at City Hall. A Call to Artists invited qualifying artists to submit a concept, to which over 20 artists submitted.

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to catch the final artist finishing her installation at the City Hall cube. Angelica, or known as @possumandpalmetto on Facebook and Instagram, was painting the final touches on her Southern Flying Squirrel.

Angelica is a natural pigment artist on the Gulf Coast whose artwork features flora, fauna and fungi native to our region. She makes her own watercolor paints using natural pigments derived from plants and mushrooms.

The 8ft by 8ft murals will be on display for the entire year. Congratulations to all the artists who were selected and thank you for bringing your talent to downtown Pensacola — you brightened our day!

These photos were taken at the City Hall cube and feature the below artists: