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Green Bucket Sunday Tradition

It’s time for a new Sunday tradition and I want to tell you about one of mine that I discovered this past year. The Farm. An adorable, affordable farmers market located at 6404 Mobile Highway serving the Pensacola community with locally grown produce and locally homemade goods.


If you’re like me and actually enjoy grocery shopping, you need no convincing, you’re going to love this place. If grocery shopping isn’t your favorite chore of the week, keep reading and I’m sure I can change your mind.

First of all, when shopping involves fun farmer’s market finds like specialty jams, spicy pickles, vintage soda pops, handmade soaps and candles, and hot boiled peanuts, what’s not to love?
Throw in free, fresh, local coffee while you peruse the selection of goods and everyone in the family will be volunteering to pick up the shopping list. Better yet, just make it a family outing.

While The Farm’s doors are up five days a week (Wed-Sun), there’s nothing quite like the buzz of The Farm on a Sunday. It’s Green Bucket Sunday every Sunday which means you can fill their green buckets with 4lbs of a variety of produce of your choosing for just $6. 

So what should you expect on a GBS? You might find local farmers or vendors set up selling homemade items or home grown produce. Or maybe some four legged friends (yep, they’re dog friendly) sniffing out where the homemade dog treats are. And hopefully a new Chef Matthew soup flavor in the cooler.

But what you will definitely find is a market full of smiling, happy faces. Shoppers grinning from ear to ear because they are able to purchase local, seasonal produce to feed their families healthy meals at a reasonable price. And Farm Sprouts (the employees call themselves Farm Sprouts — that alone will make you smile) stationed around the shop ready to assist with any questions you have.

Most importantly, what you will feel is a strong sense of community and pride. Local farmers and businesses supporting each other with a  genuine excitement about being able to provide nutritious, farm grown foods to their neighbors.

The Farm is more than a produce market — it’s a farmly, it’s a vibe and it’s worthy of becoming a whole new Sunday tradition.