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Central Church Donates $15,000 to Foster Teen Homes

Photo: Pensacola Beach Central Church

Central Church on Pensacola Beach donated $15,000 to Lakeview Center group homes for foster teens. Teens living in two Lakeview Center foster care group homes will soon have new furniture to make their stays more comfortable, thanks to a $15,000 donation from Central Church Pensacola Beach.


Lakeview Center’s Arcadia Place and Cabot Heights serve teens in the foster care system who have experienced abuse or neglect and are struggling with mental health issues. Specialized caregivers work to support the children’s recovery, health and well-being, preparing them for living in a family setting or in an independent environment. Some teens stay in the homes longer than two years before aging out of the foster care system.

“These teens living in foster care group homes represent some of the most vulnerable children we serve,” said Shawn Salamida, president of Lakeview Center. “Teenagers who age out of foster care are at increased risk for homelessness, unemployment, teenage pregnancy, dropping out of school and other poor outcomes. Supporting these teens can greatly impact the trajectory of their lives. Our goal in working with partners like Central Church is to transform these houses into homes. All kids want to know they matter and that someone cares about their well-being. As a community, we can wrap our arms around these foster youth and provide the support and home environment that all kids deserve.”

The Central Church Pensacola Beach community rallied around Lakeview Center group homes starting with their “Hope for Kids Christmas Campaign.” Their support will go towards new furniture for the common areas and bedrooms of the two group homes.

“Creating an environment of care begins with basic aesthetics,” said Scott Smales, director of children’s residential treatment for Lakeview Center. “This donation from Central Church Pensacola Beach provides an opportunity to add more comfort and normalcy for our children who have experienced so much trauma and loss in their young lives.”

For more information about Lakeview Center services or to donate to programs like this, visit eLakeviewCenter.org.

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