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Have You Been to the Bird Park?

The mission of Uncle Sandy’s bird park is two-fold: they are committed to providing a safe haven for unwanted parrots and other species of birds. While some of the birds will always call Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park “home”, they periodically try to help some of the birds find a new “forever family”.


The second mission is to inform and educate the public about the demands of owning a parrot, the kind of lifestyle a parrot lives, and how to provide them with essential needs to keep them happy and healthy.

The educational portion is accomplished with scheduled public shows and daily tours of our park while staff members are available to answer questions. They also provide a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience with one-on-one handling of an exotic bird or visitors may enter the largest open flight aviary in the Florida panhandle where visitors can interact with many at one time!

Uncle Sandy was born and raised on a little island off the coast of Honduras. He grew up where macaws can fly free and he developed a deep love for these majestic animals.

When he retired, Uncle Sandy built a large free-flight open aviary where his macaws could enjoy flying. The calls of the macaws attracted the attention of neighbors, curious to know what the sounds were. Uncle Sandy was delighted to let others enjoy his beautiful feathered companions. Thereafter, birds started showing up at his door. Unable to say no to an animal in need, he created this sanctuary for them and for people to learn more about them.

After passing from his battle with cancer in early 2013, a group of volunteers helped establish the park as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to continue his legacy of saving birds and educating the public.

The public is encouraged to visit and enjoy the birds not only in memory of Uncle Sandy but also for the volunteers who work tirelessly to keep his dream alive.

For more information about Uncle Sandy’s Macaw Bird Park, visit their website or find them on Facebook for the most current hours of operation.