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A Bracelet to Remember

It was last Thursday when I walked into Elebash Jewelers to meet a coworker and get my own permanent jewelry and fate had it that I needed to meet Ms. Anne that day. A Pensacola Native who, believe it or not, ended up living just a few streets away from me. Small world, right?


I finished up getting my permanent bracelet welded on and Ms. Anne was next after me. Making small talk, I asked her what brought her in to get linked that day. She quickly and cheerfully responded that today was her final cancer treatment day at Baptist Hospital. I was immediately stopped in my tracks.

Being a cancer survivor myself and commemorating my final treatment two years prior, I knew the sentiment, the happy tears, the relief and all the emotions that Ms. Anne was feeling that day. You never forget the day you receive your cancer news and you never forget the day you ring that bell and happy cry with the nurses and hospital staff.

They are moments and days that live in our minds rent free for the rest of ours lives. Core memories. I am honored to be a part of Ms. Anne’s day and this core memory. We exchanged cancer stories, shared photos and now share matching linked bracelets, completely unplanned.

What I failed to realize at the time and didn’t realize until hours later, was that same week was the exact week I received my cancer news 3 years prior. Maybe it was all just a coincidence. Maybe it was fate showing Ms. Anne that three years later she would be getting linked just for the fun of it. Maybe it was fate replacing my not so great memory that took place in March 2020 with a new, joyful one.

Whatever the reason, it was a pleasure meeting you Ms. Anne and congratulations! Thank you for being a bright light at Elebash that day and thank you for sharing your story.

Elli Gentile