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New Deputy Fire Chief for Pensacola Fire

Derek Pratt has been selected as the new Deputy Fire Chief of Operations for the Pensacola Fire Department.

He will primarily be responsible for implementing a comprehensive, effective emergency operations program that will provide the highest level of service and protection to the community.


Deputy Chief Pratt has been with the Pensacola Fire Department for 28 years, starting his career as a firefighter and rising through the ranks to Lieutenant, Captain, Watch Captain, and Battalion Chief.

Most recently, Pratt served as the Battalion Chief for Station 7 at Pensacola International Airport, where he was responsible for directing emergency scene operations, developing emergency operations plans and more.

Deputy Chief Pratt earned his Bachelor of Applied Science in public safety and business administration from Pensacola State College, and he is a graduate of the FEMA Emergency Management Institute with a focus in Emergency Management Operations.

“It is an honor to continue my career with the Pensacola Fire Department in this new leadership role,” Deputy Chief Pratt said. “We are fortunate to have such a hardworking team that is so dedicated to protecting and serving our community, and I look forward to continuing to work with Chief Cranor and all of PFD to help keep Pensacola safe.”

As the Deputy Chief of Operations, Pratt will assist with coordinating the activities of PFD to ensure adequate staffing levels are maintained to serve the public, working with firefighters and battalion chiefs to ensure compliance with policies and rules, and responding to fire alarms and emergency calls to direct firefighting operations.

In addition to his extensive experience in firefighting operations, emergency operations and leadership, Deputy Chief Pratt holds a State Certification for EMT from Miami-Dade Community College, and he attended Florida State Fire College to earn state compliance certifications for firefighter, pump operator, hazmat, company officer and fire prevention.

Deputy Chief Pratt will work under the direction of Fire Chief Ginny Cranor on PFD’s leadership team, with his primary responsibilities to include emergency operations for Pensacola Fire Department and the City of Pensacola.

“Deputy Chief Pratt’s extensive knowledge and experience in firefighting operations and emergency operations made him the perfect fit for this new role, and I am excited to continue to work with him to ensure we are providing the highest level of service to our citizens,” Chief Cranor said.

“It is essential that we as a community are as prepared as possible for hurricanes and other emergencies, and I am confident that Deputy Chief Pratt’s leadership will help take our preparedness to the next level.”