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Pensacola’s Favorite Bread Lady Does Sourdoughnuts

Business at the bakery is on the rise! Casita Bread’s pop-up donut shop at The Daily Squeeze in East Hill on Saturday was a huge success. Selling out in just 30 minutes, we can only hope for another pop-up soon!


So what is a Sourdoughnut? They are donuts made without any commercial yeast. Donuts with the natural yeast of a sourdough starter gives the donuts a special chewy texture and deep flavor. Seriously, they are SO good.

Kaitlynn Knowles AKA Casita Bread has been blessing the Pensacola area with her one-of-a-kind baked breads and sweet treats for the last several years and we can’t wait to see where she lands next.

Follow along on her instagram @casitabread to find out about her bread club, next pop-ups and all the baked goodness your bread-loving heart can handle!