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National Eat Brussel Sprouts Day — Top 5 Pensacola spots to order them

Eat Brussel Sprouts Day is celebrated every year on January 31 and this green superfood has made its mark in Pensacola and we’re here to tell you where to get them.

  1. Dog House Downtown Candied Brussels – Gracing their new ‘after dark’ menu every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night, these candied Brussels will have you coming back night after night.
  2. Brown Bagger Food Truck – Served crispy fried with truffle & Parmesan you’ll forget they’re known for their burgers.
  3. Global Grill Baby Brussel Sprouts – What makes brussel  sprouts covered in smoked Gouda cheese sauce and house smoked bacon taste even better? When they’re served with wooden skewers ~ the perfect bite size eating utensil.
  4. Red Fish Blue Fish Chicken Brussels Sandwich – Talk about thinking outside the box! Brussels on a sandwich? Genius. Grilled chicken topped with Swiss cheese, tomato, warm brussel sprouts salad, roasted garlic aioli, served on a kaiser bun.
  5. Pearl & Horn Crispy Brussel Sprouts with Honey Balsamic Glaze – coined as one of their favorites for a reason. It’s the house made jalapeño cilantro lime aioli dipping sauce for us.

And with that, we’re ready for lunch. Happy Eat Brussel Sprouts Day Pensacola! Who did we miss?