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Mayor-Elect D.C. Reeves Announces City of Pensacola Mayoral Transition Team

DC Reeves and family
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Mayor-Elect D.C. Reeves and Transition Team Chairman Capt. Tim “Lucky” Kinsella, USN (Ret.) are pleased to announce the members of the City of Pensacola Mayoral Transition Team, which will help Mayor-Elect Reeves establish city priorities and develop a strategic vision for Pensacola’s future.


The Transition Team will have 12 focus areas to guide the Mayor-Elect’s work during his term, with a focus on safety, housing and jobs. These three areas were identified during Mayor-Elect Reeves’ campaign as priorities for the community, based on discussions with citizens and city leadership.

“I’m honored to have some of the most intelligent and accomplished citizens in our community who are ready and willing to serve our great city,” Reeves said. “I am excited to see them engage our residents and city employees and to see what recommendations come forward for this administration.”

Mayor-Elect Reeves has been meeting with City of Pensacola leadership and staff in preparation for the transition to Mayor in November, and he expressed his gratitude to Mayor Grover Robinson for integrating him into city operations. Transition Team Chairman Capt. Tim Kinsella said he is excited about the team that has been assembled to help guide Mayor-Elect Reeves as he develops his priorities for the City of Pensacola.

“Each of the members on the Transition Team were selected by myself and the Mayor-Elect because of their unique expertise in their focus areas, and because of their passion and enthusiasm for making Pensacola a better place to live for all citizens,” Transition Team Chairman Capt. Kinsella said. “Each member comes to the table with a common desire to ensure we present our new Mayor with a product that is both aspirational and functional in its tone and scope, and will ultimately inform the Mayor’s strategic vision for our city.”

The first meeting of the City of Pensacola Mayoral Transition Team is scheduled for Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 8 a.m. in the Hagler-Mason Conference Room, located on the second floor of City Hall at 222 W. Main St.

Focus Area Leaders:

    • Chairman: Capt. Tim Kinsella – Director Center for Leadership at the University of West Florida and former Commanding Officer for Naval Air Station Pensacola
    • Attainable Housing: Sam Young – President and CEO of Pensacola Habitat for Humanity, Shirley Henderson – Deputy Executive Director/Director of Social Services for the Area Housing Commission
    • Citizen Engagement: Pastor Marcel Davis – Pastor of Adoration for a New Beginning, Rev. Dr. Michael Hoffman – Rector of Christ Church, Frency Moore – Community Outreach Coordinator for Studer Community Institute, Pastor Lonnie Wesley – Pastor of Greater Little Rock Baptist Church
    • City Construction & Development: Tosh Belsinger – Vice President of Development at Catalyst Healthcare Real Estate, David Peaden – Executive Director of the Home Builders Association of West Florida
    • Education: Rusty Branch – Vice President of Community Engagement for Innisfree Hotels, Dr. Kim Thomas – Principal of C. A. Weis Elementary School
    • Employee Engagement & Culture: Rachael Gillette – President of the Studer Community Institute, Dr. Lusharon Wiley – Vice President of Corporate Culture for Innisfree Hotels
    • Environment: Kelly Hagen – environmental advocate and President of the Council of Neighborhood Association Presidents of Pensacola (CNAPP), Christian Wagley – Coastal Organizer for Healthy Gulf
    • Finance: Whitney Lucas – General Manager at Gilmore, Amber McClure – Consultant for Governmental Financial Officers
    • Livability: Carolyn Grawi – Executive Director of the Center for Independent Living, Brian Spencer – Architect/Developer
    • Measurable Performance: Dr. Justin Davis – Professor of Business Administration at UWF, Dr. Kevin Krieger – Professor of Accounting and Finance at UWF
    • Military Relations: Capt. Cliff Collins – Chief of Staff for Naval Education and Training Command, Jason Crawford – Managing Partner at One in a Row Ventures, Jason Bortz – Public Affairs Officer for Naval Air Station Pensacola, Shawn Dominguez – President of Dominguez Design-Build Inc.
    • Public Safety:  Tommi Lyter, Chief Deputy for the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, Aaron Watson – Managing Attorney at the Watson Firm, PLLC
    • Strategic Planning: Angela Kyle – business development and strategy consultant and daughter of local historian Ora Wills, Julie Sheppard – Executive Vice President and Chief Legal Counsel at the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC)
For more information about the Mayoral Transition Team, please visit cityofpensacola.com/TransitionTeam2022. Additional information will be added to the webpage as the Transition Team moves forward in the coming weeks.