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Ascension Sacred Heart Recognized by the American Heart Association

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Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola has received American Heart Association awards for demonstrating commitment to following up-to-date, research-based guidelines for the treatment of heart disease and stroke.


Hospitals recognized with the American Heart Association’s Get With The Guidelines awards are better able to achieve shorter recovery times and fewer readmissions by consistently following treatment guidelines.

“Ascension Sacred Heart hospital is committed to improving care by adhering to the latest treatment guidelines and streamlining processes to ensure timely and proper care for heart attacks and strokes,” said Dawn Rudoph, president of Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola. “By meeting the American Heart Association’s guidelines, we apply proven knowledge and guidelines to work on a daily basis, which helps us ensure more people experience longer, healthier lives.”

Ascension Sacred Heart hospital Nov. 2019

This year, the hospital received these achievement awards based on data from 2021:

      • Get With The Guidelines® Heart Failure Gold Plus, for its commitment to improving outcomes for patients with heart failure, meaning reduced readmissions and more healthy days at home.
      • Target: Type 2 Diabetes Honor Roll: The award aims to ensure patients with type 2 diabetes receive the most up-to-date care when hospitalized with cardiovascular disease or stroke.
      • Target Heart Failure Honor Roll Award
      • Get With the Guidelines® Stroke Silver Plus
      • Target Stroke Honor Roll with Advanced Therapy. The award goes to hospitals that meet specific criteria that reduce the time between an eligible patient’s arrival at the hospital and treatment to remove the clot causing the stroke.

Ascension Sacred Heart in Pensacola is certified as the region’s only Comprehensive Stroke Center which provides the most advanced care for rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke patients. Early stroke detection and treatment are key to improving survival, minimizing disability and accelerating recovery times.

“We are pleased to recognize Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola for its commitment to caring for those in their community who need cardiovascular care or treatment of stroke,” said Dr. John Warner, past president of the American Heart Association. “Hospitals that follow the American Heart Association’s quality improvement protocols often see improved patient outcomes, fewer readmissions and lower mortality rates – a win for health care systems, families and communities.”