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Creek Prayer Ceremony Comes to Earth Day Pensacola

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Where: Bayview Park, 2001 E. Lloyd St, Pensacola

When: Saturday April 23 6:30 am

The Santa Rosa Creek Tribe invites all to celebrate Earth Day by praying with them in ceremony over the earth, land, water, and all festival goers— human and non-human alike. All are welcome to participate in this Creek prayer ceremony that begins at 6:30 am at the Bayview Community Center on the shores of Bayou Texar.


Photography or any sort of recording of the ceremony is prohibited. Please respect the privacy and sanctity of indigenous people and culture.

At 10 am the annual Earth Day Pensacola event begins, showcasing sustainable living through a fun day of environmental education, art, live music, local food, green products and hands-on activities. For full details please visit the event website at www.earthdaypensacola.org.

About Earth Day Pensacola

For over three decades, Earth Day Pensacola has organized an annual Earth Day festival to bring environmental education and fun to the community.