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Escambia County Public Schools Foundation awards $158,566 to local schools

The Escambia County Public Schools Foundation is awarding $158,566 in grants to local schools through the Grants for Excellence program this year. These funds are being awarded to 20 grant recipients, supporting innovation in the classroom and enhancing the quality of education for local students.


Grants for Excellence are funded by the Escambia County Public School Foundation and matching grant funds from the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations through their School District Education Foundation Matching Grant Program. Grants are available for teachers of students in grades K-12. Grants for 2021-2022 will be awarded in the priority areas of Career/Technical Education, Increasing Graduation Rates, Literacy, Low-Performing Students, STEM Education, or Teaching Quality.

Grants for Excellence recipients for the 2021-2022 school year are:

      • Jim Allen Elementary School, Amanda Hall, Chip Coleman, Rene Johnson, Anne, Fillingim, Rachel Cooley
        NBA ’22
      • Bailey Middle School, Dr Roberta Wetzel, Rachel Bryans, Mona Rust Michelle Schick, Madison Fowler, Amanda Breaux, Galen Ringo, Grace Bonsall, Sara Ratliff
        Brighten Up Your Reading and Writing with Watt Key: An Author’s Visit
      • Ensley Elementary School, Regina Smolensky
        Surf’s Up for Learning
      • Escambia High School, Kourtney Hayhurst
        DNA Gel Electrophoresis
      • Ferry Pass Elementary School, Cathy Melton, Ginger Maggiore, Paula McAndrews, James Benny, Dorie Nickerson, Jessica Bryan, Bill Waters
        Drummers with Dignity
      • Fine and Performing Arts, Angela Barberi, Tanya Broom, Sarah Kelly, Elerene Walters, Sarah Ingram, Catherine Roberts, Sarah Stubbs, Brandi Zanthos, Jennifer Rodriquez, Lauralee Best, Andrea Cain, Alicia Gifford, Rachel Pongetti
        STEM Art Collaborative: The Future is Ours to Make
      • Gifted Program (3 sites), Cassie Mense
        Eat, Sleep, Code: Programming a Passion for Coding
      • Holm Elementary School, Sabra Kuhlman
        Walking through Walls of Learning
      • Holm Elementary School, Patricia Swanz-Reiners, Linda Sweeting, Taryne Smith, Michelle Ingram, Jojeana Jernigan, Michelle Davison
        Mission: Possible with LEGO
      • Roy Hyatt Environmental Center, Mary O’Connor, Adam Bretschneider
        Growing STEM in a Greenhouse
      • Kingsfield Elementary School, Erica Minchew
        Learning with All of Our senses
      • Media Services, Michelle White
        Creating an Oasis of E-Books in Book Deserts
      • Navy Point Elementary School, Stephanie Gaffney, Jana Arnettt, Ryan Suero, Tanya DeGrucchio, Elizabeth Kennedy, Brittany Turner
        Stories in Action
      • Pensacola High School, Karen Bruening
        What Goes Up Must Come Down
      • Pine Meadow Elementary School, Michelle Williams, Cassi McGee, Patricia Stroud, Kelly Harris, Melissa Broadwater, Courtney Merson
        Taking Our Learning to the ExSTREAM
      • Pine Meadow Elementary School, Vanessa Taylor, Karen Potter, Julie Kendall, Casey Harrison, Amber McCraney, Maxine Mathis
        Making Math Count
      • Booker T. Washington High School, Nancy Barger
        How to Care for Your Patients
      • West Florida High School, Matthew MacGregor
        Fish Tank “Pour” No More
      • West Florida High School, Sarah Ingram
        Small Parts Making a Big Difference
      • West Florida High School, John Dittmar
        Teaching the Future “UAVs & CTE”

About Escambia County Public Schools Foundation

Since 1986, The Escambia County Public Schools Foundation has partnered with the District to enhance education in Escambia County by investing in our children’s future to ensure they graduate on time and are college or career ready. The Foundation is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization comprised of local business and industry leaders, educators, and community volunteers with the goal of forming partnerships to fulfill their mission. For more information, visit ecsd-fl.schoolloop.com/ecpsf.