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Dr. Cedric Alexander to Cover Public Safety, Social Justice at CivicCon

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The law enforcement agency plays a huge role in maintaining a happy and secure community. But is the government’s action sufficient in developing the police department’s competencies in upholding their role?


In the past year, the government has taken a closer look at the relationship between the law enforcement agency and the communities it has sworn to protect. Do all neighborhoods welcome and trust law enforcers at accident or incident scenes? If not, why not?

As counties and states strive to answer this question, Pensacola opted to invite Dr. Cedric Alexander, Director of Public Safety (Georgia), to help shed some light on the matter.

On the 20th of September, Dr. Cedric Alexander is going to talk about social justice and public safety. His 45-minute talk will include insights on how to train the police in fostering a safe neighborhood. Most importantly, his talk will be packed with learning and tips drawn from his 39-year career in law enforcement.

About Dr. Cedric Alexander

Dr. Cedric Alexander joined the law enforcement agency in 1977, during a time when the country was in civil unrest. Civilians and the police were on opposite sides of the rope, tugging to and fro at the expense of community safety. Dr. Alexander realized that the unending combat took a toll on the police-community relations. And this realization made him devote the next decades of his career to creating something new and better.

His dedication to upholding social justice and safety took his career a long way. He became a police chief, an on-air Law Enforcement Analyst for MSNBC, and a detective. 

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He has also written several opinion editorials for The Washington Post and CNN. Aside from his law enforcement career, he is also a clinical psychologist and assistant professor at the University of Rochester. He specializes in counseling firefighters, police officers, and their families.

Currently, he is the Director of Public Safety in DeKalb County, Georgia.

What to Expect from Dr. Alexander’s Talk

Dr. Alexander focuses on equipping police officers with all the skills necessary to build a great relationship with the community they’ve sworn to protect. Aside from improving the team’s technical skills, Dr. Cedric also encourages officers to develop their relational skills to effectively collaborate with civilians in maintaining peace and order. Insights from his 45-minute talk are going to fuel conversations about police training needs.

After the talk, there will be a panel of top local law enforcement leaders in a Q&A session. Pensacola News Journal Editor Lisa Nellessen Savage will be the moderator of the discussion, and everyone is highly encouraged to join the conversation about public safety and social justice.

Reserve Tickets Now

Mark your calendars! Get your tickets and reserve seats now to listen to Dr. Cedric Alexander as he talks about a crucial community concern. The event is going to be held at The Rex Theater on September 20, 2021. Or, you may also watch the talk live on the Pensacola News Journal Facebook page. The event will start at 6:00 PM and will end at 7:30 PM.