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Advocates review Pallet shelters as potential temporary housing solution

On Tuesday, Pensacola homelessness advocacy leaders met at the Salvation Army for a demonstration by the City of Pensacola, Opening Doors Northwest Florida and Pallet to review a new temporary shelter model.



The temporary shelter model is manufactured by Pallet, a company that provides thousands of individual shelter beds to cities across the United States. According to Opening Doors Northwest Florida, the units assemble in as little as 30 minutes and provide occupants a number of advantages, including:


  • Dignified, safe, and private shelter within a community setting,
  • Protection from the elements with heat, air conditioning, and insulation,
  • Access to resources and services including food, showers, laundry, etc.


As the nation faces a housing shortage, innovative low-cost and housing for homeless and at-risk individuals can be of critical importance.

A representative from Pallet stated at the presentation that Pallet has about 40 communities across the country in total, to include around 2500 shelter beds, including communities in Kansas City, Norfolk, Arkansas, and Camden, New Jersey.


These units are scalable, as the company has the ability to manufacture about 50 units per week. They are also able to fit 30 smaller units on a truck for transportation/deliver purposes, or 16 larger units.


On display in Pensacola was a 100 square foot unit that sleeps two people, as well as smaller a 64 square foot unit. The smallest units start at $5,494 each, according to palletshelter.com, however representatives from the company stated out that most units are around $13,000 and the bathroom units (which are designed for the entire Pallet community to use) can cost around $30,000 a piece. Pallet shelters are “intentionally designed without kitchens and bathrooms, and are intended to be built in a community setting with these facilities,” Pallet states.

Pallet bathroom unit (designed for Pallet community use)
Shelter 100 (right side)
Shelter 100 (left side)
Shelter 64 (right side)
Shelter 64 (left side)