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Pensacola-based bottled water company offers aluminum, BPA-free options

Tired of tons and tons of plastic water bottles cluttering your recycling containers? Local, eco-friendly manufacturer and supplier MSP, Inc. hopes to bring a bold change to the competitive world of bottled water. 



“Emerald Coast Ultra Pure Spring Water” is the panhandle’s first locally-owned bottled water option, easily distinguished from their competitors as the only locally attributed bottled water product from Pensacola to Panama City- as well as the only product to come in an aluminum bottle instead of the usual plastic.   Sourced from a local, private spring near Jay, Florida, the company offers their water in 100% aluminum 16.0 oz rigid bottles in addition to their 16.9 oz “BPA free” water bottles, which are already available in the marketplace. 


When a product is “BPA free,” that means that the product, or in this case, the bottle (and/or label) lacks a chemical called bisphenol A. Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical commonly used to make many plastics and resins. Some experts say that BPA can mimic estrogen, and can potentially affect energy and thyroid levels to those who may be sensitive to this particular chemical. 


With Emerald Coast Ultra Pure Spring Water, the bottle is entirely BPA free, which means it lacks this chemical and does not allow for a breakdown of oil components. If one were to imagine a regular bottle of water being left out in their hot car- they would likely be hesitant to drink it, due to the UV rays penetrating the bottle or allowing oil to seep into the water. The water itself would not be harmed by the heat, but the bottle’s materials make-up, or that or the label, would likely contain BPA and could potentially affect the chemicals within the water.  This company prides themselves on having BPA-free bottles and labels, to offer water-drinkers an alternative option to healthy living, as well as the option to re-use their bottles.


Walmart.com recently picked up a distribution agreement and will begin to sell Emerald Coast Ultra Pure Spring Water starting at the end of this month, which will offer visitors to the Emerald Coast a unique opportunity to experience a local,  environmentally and sustainable option for bottled water. 


Currently, Emerald Coast Ultra Pure Spring Water can be found at many local stores, such as Apple Market, Uptown Market, The Farm, Joe Patti’s, Greer’s, and several independently owned gas stations. 


Owned by Barbara Rogers and operated by her husband, Daniel Rogers, the company is set to be the only women-owned Florida brand of bottled water listed. 


Rogers states, “Consumers are looking for alternatives when it comes to cutting back on drinking water from cheap plastic bottles. We are meeting that demand in 2021 and beyond on a local, regional and national level, with our two bottle types. Our aluminum bottle will keep water colder 3X longer, is 100% sustainable, 100% recyclable and 100% reusable, and makes it easy for those who want to make the shift from single-use plastic bottles. Aluminum is more environmentally-friendly than plastic, being truly sustainable and 100% recyclable in all US states.”


The Pensacola-based company also produces an environmentally-friendly  hand sanitizer gel called Alessa Hand Sanitizer Gel, available at many of the same local merchants. 


You can learn more at  Emeraldcoastpurewater.com