Home News Gaetz hones in on BBC (#BidenBorderCrisis); “A massive rush…is coming.”

Gaetz hones in on BBC (#BidenBorderCrisis); “A massive rush…is coming.”

Matt Gaetz on FOX News discussing the BBC
Matt Gaetz on FOX News discussing the perceived BBC (#BidenBorderCrisis)

Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has tweeted or posted on social media over 15 times since March 15th referencing a frightening, looming immigration threat to the United States- one that some on the internet are now abbreviating to BBC (Biden Border Crisis).



Using the hashtag “#BidenBorderCrisis”, the Northwest Florida Congressman is reiterating many of the talking points that helped elect President Trump, as well as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: there is a need for a border wall due to an “invasion,” which has in turn caused a “crisis.”  


“We need a border wall, and we need it NOW,” Gaetz said on Facebook Wednesday.


“We’re just at the front end of America’s immigration crisis,” he said the day before. “A massive rush on the border is coming.”


Gaetz told Fox News, “The policies put in place by Donald Trump that fought the flow of illegal immigration have been revoked by Joe Biden. This is his crisis. We’re seeing signs now that we’re just at the front of the wave with the immigration crisis. Networks supporting illegal immigration and human trafficking are growing.”


Hard facts and figures are hard to come by in the current political climate. The divide between the Right and the Left in the United States has often resulted in the lives and wellbeing of the men, women, and children at America’s border being used as political cannon fodder rather than as real persons.


While it is true that there has been an increase in immigration numbers at America’s southern border, the reasons for the increase are complicated.  Many may make the argument that the Biden administration has relaxed immigration laws, while others point out that severe hurricanes have devastated the homes of hundreds of thousands in Central America, worsening communities already troubled by crime.


While the causes and solutions to immigration issues remain unresolved, one thing is perfectly clear- Congressman Gaetz is happy, eager even, to hone in on what he perceives as a “threat” while pointing the finger at President Biden, going so far to create an entire social media hashtag and campaign centered around the #BidenBorderCrisis. 


“We’re dealing with the hand that we were dealt. The President inherited a mess,” one official told CNN. “We have a whole government approach to clean up the mess.”


Gaetz, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, has yet to publicize a solution for a bi-partisan immigration plan and has not tweeted or posted any specifics on proposed legislation regarding what he believes can currently what can be done to resolve these issues. 


The congressman instead continues to opt for catchy, brief social media campaigns and television appearances. “Border walls work. Democrats know it. #BidenBorderCrisis” 


Matt Gaetz BBC
Matt Gaetz Tweets about BBC (#BidenBorderCrisis)