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FIRST LOOK: Sheriff Simmons Re-opens Perdido Precinct

Perdido Precinct Opens
Sheriff Simmons Opens Perdido Precinct in Pensacola

Chip Simmons promised voters this past election cycle that he would focus heavily on both enforcement and engagement in Escambia County if he were to be elected the next Sheriff. One key component of his platform was to review and add sub-stations in order to enhance engagement with the community and decrease response time, providing better services to our citizens.


Sheriff Simmons has acted swiftly in keeping these assurances to his constituents. Today, the doors to the Perdido precinct (Escambia County Sheriff’s Office Precinct #2) officially re-opened, after shutting down in 2016. Though the crowd was naturally impressed that the building itself had been recently renovated and covered in a fresh coat of paint, even more impressive were the critical relationships with local business leaders- as well as federal, state, and local partners- that had been strategically cultivated.

The crowd gathered before Escambia County’s newly-minted Sheriff included a diverse array of veteran law enforcement officials, local residents, business owners, political players, and community advocates. The Perdido Key Chamber of Commerce, State Representative Alex Andrade, and all three candidates who have currently pre-filed for the Escambia County Commissioner, District 2 seat were in attendance at today’s opening ceremony.

Lieutenant Tony Tampary will be in charge of the Perdido precinct and oversee its day-to-day operations.

Sheriff Simmons’ increased engagement strategy also includes more routine patrols for deputies, further involvement in town halls, neighborhood associations and youth associations, and the addition of a full-time Neighborhood Specialist who will serve the community by listening and helping to address the unique concerns of Escambia County’s diverse neighborhoods.

In just two short weeks, Simmons plans to also open the Molino precinct. Neighborhood Specialist, Ronnie Rivera, states that more precincts are hopefully to come in the future, including Brownsville, Beulah, and/or Myrtle Grove.

Community input and neighborhood engagement appear to be vital to the Simmons administration, as promises made so far, have been promises kept.

Take a look inside the Perdido precinct below!