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Olson steps down as Pensacola city administrator

Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward announced today that Eric Olson would step down effective immediately as Pensacola’s city administrator. City spokesman Vernon Stewart confirmed that Friday was Olson’s last day.


“Eric has helped lead this administration, and the city, to new heights,” Hayward said. “I will miss Eric’s insight, unwavering discipline, and infectious enthusiasm for the hard work of municipal government. I am confident that he has laid a strong foundation that will allow our administration to complete the first mayoral transition under our new form of government.”

Olson had been the subject of increasing criticism over his role in covering up the fact that the city had been sending residents’ recyclables to the landfill for more than seven months.

Assistant City Administrator Keith Wilkins will replace Olson as city administrator through the end of Mayor Hayward’s term.