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Pensacola grocery store’s conversations with Apple customers going viral

Some Apple customers are looking in the wrong place for tech support, and a Pensacola-area grocery store is having a little fun with it.


Customers of the computer and cellphone giant have been contacting the Facebook page of Apple Market looking for help with iPhones or to leave feedback about Apple’s recent decision to fight a court order related to iPhone security.

Apple CEO Tim Cook released a letter to customers earlier this week that said the company would fight a court order requiring them to help the FBI break into an iPhone used by one of the perpetrators in a December shooting in San Bernadino, Calif. Cook said that to do so, the company would have to create a “backdoor” in the iPhone that would compromise the security of its millions of users and would be “too dangerous to create.”

Britney Apple-Dull, general manager of the family-owned Apple Market grocery store, says that the store has received similar calls and messages in the past, they’re now coming in every few hours, and not just via Facebook. “We’ve randomly gotten phone calls and messages for years, just every once in a while,” said Apple-Dull, whose family has owned and operated the store for 21 years.

“Right off the gate, we say, ‘Thank you for calling Apple Market, how can we help you,’ and people are wanting to chew us out or they’re wanting to know how to replace their iPhone screen,” said Apple-Dull. “But ever since this debacle with the FBI and Apple, probably in like a day and half we have received hundreds of messages, and it’s just not stopping.”

We are starting this album in jest of the recent emails and calls we receive on a daily basis. Apparently people think…

Posted by Apple Market Inc. on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Apple-Dull, who also manages the store’s social media and marketing, decided to inject some humor into her responses to the misguided messages, and the store begun sharing screenshots of the conversations on the Apple Market Facebook page. Their posts about the situation — the first of which was posted Thursday morning — have received more than 3,000 likes and have been shared more than 1,300 times.

In one exchange, the person on the other end asks, “Why are you taking the headphone jack out of the next iPhone?” to which Apple Market responded, “Because we feel we are better at making sandwiches than making phones. Please call us and let us know what you would like on it.” Another person messaged saying, “Shame on you Apple, unlock the phones,” and the grocery store replied, “UNLOCK ALL THE SANDWICHES!!!!”

“I had somebody from Poland message me and say that it’s reached Poland,” said Apple-Dull. “It’s gone global.”

Most of the people with whom they’ve interacted have taken the store’s witty responses in stride. “Most people laugh, just send out a ‘laugh out loud’ or ‘sorry,'” she said. “People generally think it’s funny.”

Apple Market is located at 1021 Scenic Highway in Pensacola.