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Pensacola Beach home served as inspiration for Hollywood blockbuster

Over the holiday weekend, Hollywood filmmaker and director of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn, snapped a photo of a curious structure on Pensacola Beach that appeared like a forgotten alien crash site.


Gunn posted a photo of the otherworldly building on Instagram for his hundreds of thousands of followers and speculation went wild among fans and followers that he was possibly working on his next project in Pensacola. The UFO-shaped house in Pensacola Beach sits along the sugar-white beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, a vision of some space-aged dream. Even more fascinating is Gunn’s connection to the retrofuture home.


While some fans suspected Gunn was in Pensacola possibly filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Gunn told The Pulse he was only in town to celebrate Thanksgiving. Gunn talked about his visit to Pensacola and the connection he has to the infamous beach home. Gunn says he passed by the structure known as the “UFO house” during his stay on the beach and admitted he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a few photos.

“Strangely, when I first put together a package of inspiring images for Guardians of the Galaxy, I had a photo of this house in there because it was reminiscent of a ’60’s modernist pulp science fiction element I wanted in the film,” Gunn said.

Gunn said a lot of the inspiration for the blockbuster film came from inspiration he drew on during his travels. “Guardians of the Galaxy utilizes a lot of old 1960’s pulp art elements,” Gunn said. “I didn’t draw inspiration from many houses — just that one! That house really seemed to fit the tone.” Gunn added that he was in town over the Thanksgiving holiday visiting with his girlfriend’s family. “This was my first visit to Pensacola and I loved it!”

The Pensacola Beach “UFO House” (James Gunn/Special to The Pulse)

The spaceship-style dwelling pictured above may appear to be a quirky anomaly, but it is actually one of a forgotten fleet scattered across the country.

In the late 1960s, Finnish architect Matti Suuronen designed a prefabricated building later dubbed the Futuro House. Meant to be used as a holiday home for skiers, the Futuro had an elliptical shape, measured 26 feet wide by 13 feet high, and stood on metal legs, resembling a UFO spaceship.

(Special to The Pulse)
The Futuro Home in the 1970s on Pensacola Beach. (Facebook/Special to The Pulse)

The Futuro House was made from fiberglass-reinforced polyester plastic, a light, insulating material derived from oil. Homes made from this plastic could be transported easily and were quick to heat up—a major plus for skiers eager to doff their boots and get stuck into the fondue after a long day on the slopes.

A Futuro floor plan, circa 1970. (Carly Lesser & Art Drauglis/Special to The Pulse)

Futuros went into production in the late ’60s, but consumer uptake was sluggish due to their high costs. Less than 100 of the homes were ever built. Today, about 60 of the futuristic homes still survive, scattered across the world.

While the iconic Pensacola Beach home has never played host to extraterrestrials, it has weathered a wrath of hurricanes and tornados throughout the years. However, when asked if he believes there’s life actually out there in space, Gunn disclosed, “Yes, almost certainly.”

For those anxiously awaiting the release of his next film, Gunn says that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is scheduled to be released in Summer 2017.

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