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Pensacola council passes Hayward’s $211 million budget

In a 5-2 vote, the Pensacola City Council this evening issued final approval on Mayor Ashton Hayward’s proposed $211 million city budget. Council members Charles Bare and Sherri Myers were the dissenting votes, while P.C. Wu was absent for the meeting.


The council also voted to maintain the Pensacola’s current millage rate at 4.2895 mills and adopted a final $1.3 million budget for Pensacola’s Downtown Improvement Board.

The evening was not without drama, however. Councilman Bare made a last-ditch attempt to dismantle the budget, moving to essentially replace the City’s $51 million general fund with a series of smaller, specific funds in an attempt to thwart the mayor’s authority to make interdepartmental budget transfers. After City Chief Financial Officer Dick Barker expressed reservations about Bare’s proposed structure — citing Governmental Accounting Standards Board guidelines — Councilwoman Sherri Myers pulled her second of Bare’s motion, and the motion died.

City officials said that city services would cost residents $2.64 per day in 2016, with police and fire services accounting for more than half of that total at $1.07 and 55.8 cents per day, respectively. Parks and recreation (30.2 cents per day), public works (21 cents per day), and stormwater projects (14.1 cents per day) round out the top five.

The City of Pensacola’s 548-page Fiscal Year 2016 budget can be viewed at cityofpensacola.com/budgets.