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Bare proposes sweeping amendment to Pensacola charter

Pensacola City Councilman Charles Bare is asking his fellow Council members to schedule a special elections for voters to consider stripping the mayor of his power to organize the city government.


Under the current charter, the mayor has the power to “determine the organization of the City government and the power and duties assigned to the various departments.” Bare’s amendment would transfer that power to the City Council, dramatically altering the balance of power within Pensacola’s city government and depriving the mayor of the ability to organize his own staff.

Bare argues that vesting the power with the City Council was the original intent of the Charter Review Commission and that his amendment is “intended to correct what appears to be the most fundamental error in the Charter.”

Since its adoption by Pensacola voters in 2009, the city charter has been amended three times: in 2013, to eliminate two seats on the City Council, including Bare’s, in order to reduce the size of the Council to seven members by 2016; and last year, to provide a recall process for city officials and empower the City Council to hire staff independent of the mayor’s authority.

Councilman Bare’s proposal is scheduled to be discussed at next Monday’s City Council Agenda Conference meeting.

WHAT: Pensacola City Council Agenda Conference
WHEN: Monday, September 14
3:30 PM
WHERE: Hagler/Mason Room, Second Floor
Pensacola City Hall
222 West Main Street
Pensacola, FL 32502