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The 5 Benefits of Buying New Build Homes

Buying a new property can feel like a daunting task, whether you are a first-time home buyer or a seasoned investor. When working with your agent to decide what is right for you, considering future costs of owning the home is an important, yet often overlooked thought for many prospective buyers.


The Zimmern Team knows that new build homes can offer solutions that help address some of these future challenges, setting you up for success well after the ink dries on closing day. New build homes, as the name suggests, are new construction properties that have never been lived in. These homes offer several benefits when compared to older and/or previously lived in homes that are important to consider.


Arguably the largest benefit to purchasing a new build home is that the costs associated with maintenance and repairs are significantly lower on average. Part of owning a home is being responsible to fix that broken garbage disposal or update that carpet that is worn from years of traffic (or toddlers spilling apple juice on it in my case). These costs can range from minimal to quite extensive depending on what needs to be fixed and your aptitude for fixing it. With a new build, everything is new. You have invested a good deal of time and money into the property between down payments, closing costs, and moving. New builds allow you to focus your money and energy on getting moved in rather than unexpected repairs that inevitably come up in even the most well-kept older properties.


Though the chances of something breaking or not working as intended with new builds, there are times where things don’t go as planned. You’ve gotten all moved in, had a relaxing dinner at your new kitchen table with your family, but when you go to do your dishes, your dishwasher is not working. Fortunately for you, it is under warranty! Though there can be warranties purchased for that cover some things in older properties, new builds typically come with a much more comprehensive warranty list. With new construction properties there are a wide variety of things that are covered under these warranties, from appliances to the structure itself, so you can rest easy knowing that you are covered on the off chance something is an issue. Always work with your agent and builder to make sure you fully understand what coverage you have when buying!


Though some builders have more flexibility to customize the new house to what is right for you, most are able to offer some amount of customization, especially if discussions with them begin early. Though it was not a new build, the first home I ever purchased had an awful gold color throughout the entire house (no offense to any of you gold paint color lovers out there). After closing, we got to work painting in the middle of trying to move in and it was eventful to say the least. Thanks to a few helpers, we were able to get this done, but it would have been so much easier had we had the ability to pick the paint on the front end. Builders vary in what you can customize, but interior and exterior paint, finishes, and in some cases flooring are common areas that you have some choice in that best fits your style.


Costs in today’s economy can be challenging and your power bill is certainly on that list. While older homes may have updates or features that make them more energy efficient, new builds typically come with a lot of these features, particularly custom builds. Most new homes today come with energy efficient appliances and windows at a minimum that help to keep your power bill down. You may even have the option to add insulation to exterior walls and/or attics for better climate control – this not only helps lower your power bill, but reduces the workload on your A/C unit helping last longer as well. Who doesn’t want to save some money where the can? Another benefit is that new builds are built on the most up to date code, making it both safer and often cheaper to repair potential issues down the road.


Though this will vary from builder to builder, purchase perks are a common offering on new construction homes. From paying towards your closing costs to offering lower interest rates, there are numerous unique opportunities to make purchasing a new build more affordable. Many of us have heard that interest rates are up, particularly when compared to just a few years ago, but these offerings can help to ease that burden. Some examples of these builder offerings are:

All closing costs covered
$8,500 toward permanent interest rate buy down
“Anyway money” – money that can used for rate buy down, closing costs, add ons, etc.
100% financing on select homes

Though it is important to always consult your real estate professional to ensure that your best interests are kept in mind, the programs can help get you in your new home without breaking the bank. For a complete listing of specific programs by builder, reach out to your trusted agent for assistance. Don’t have one? Me or someone from The Zimmer Team would be happy to help!

Obviously, buying a new home is a big decision, regardless of whether it is a new build or a home that has been here since the Pensacola Ice Flyers were the Pensacola Ice Pilots. Buying new homes can offer a variety of perks and keep the cost of owning a home down, allowing you to plant roots and focus on the things that matter most to you!

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