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The New Living Art Museum at The 52

The 52 Living Art Museum

The 52 World is one of Pensacola’s newest communities located across the street from Navy Federal.


“The 52 World emerges as a testament to the vision of Inspired Communities of Florida, whose legacy of transformative urban landscapes includes the acclaimed Southtowne Apartments—a pioneering bastion of multifaceted living in the heart of Pensacola’s thriving downtown.

Here at The 52, we recognize the intrinsic harmony between nature’s alluring whisper and the expressive attraction of art. In that spirit, we are creating an unparalleled Living Art Museum nestled within our domain, where sculptural masterpieces by artists from across the globe adorn the outdoor, nascent acreage, inviting pause and communion.”

This week launched the debut of the Living Art Museum, hosting the community to visit the site and explore the beautiful arrangement of sculptures and installations along the property.

Living Art Museum – The 52 World


These are but a few of the feelings the 52 World hopes to compel with its Living Museum. By placing exceptional works of art in the built environment, outdoor nascent forest areas as well as indoor living spaces, The 52 World creates a sanctuary where the soul can remember how to enjoy these positive aspects of living and leave the relentless outside world behind.

Art speaks to our soul, and it speaks without words. In fact, words often become inadequate when we attempt to describe the feelings that arise in us when we view great works of art. Artworks allow us to absorb the creator’s impulse while simultaneously leaving space for us to enjoy our own unique extrapolations. We come to comprehend not only the essence of the artist, but also our own essence when we view art.

The artist contributes their half of the story, but in our reflection, we complete it. The collaborative experience of creating meaning in the artwork is where the joy is found.

By foregrounding art, The 52 World offers its residents and visitors the gift of pause and the unique opportunity to create an intentionally interconnected community. Whether conversing with a neighbor about an abstract sculpture, or privately absorbing a painting by an artist from across the globe, the artworks at The 52 World inspire the soul-enriching experience of walking inside another human being’s imagination.

In this environment, people can come together to share an experience even if they see the world in radically different ways. It’s not important that people agree about the experience that they share, but that they consider it worthwhile sharing an experience at all.”

– Tonya Turner Carroll, Art Historian, Curator, and Gallerist

You can find more about the artists featured here, and learn more about The 52 World community by visiting their website.


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