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How to Buc-ee’s: Part 2

Remember back in March during Spring Break when we gave you the facts about Buc-ee’s? If you’re still jogging your memory or missed it, you can find the 13 things you need to know about Buc-ee’s here. I would recommend reading that before going any further. Why? Because part 2 of How to Buc-ee’s is all about the insane amount of beach, pool and summer fun accessories that are stocked full at the beaver palace.


Yes — a gas station that will have you decked out in enough gear to throw the most epic backyard BBQ, beach day and pool party this side of the panhandle has ever seen this summer. Here are 5 things you need to get for the most memorable, beaver themed party this summer.

1) Buc-ee’s swimsuits 

Barbie and Ken are so last summer. This summer is all about matching your partner in red and yellow beaver faced prints. The Buc-ee’s swimwear collection provides a variety of different types of suits for the everyone to choose from.  There are suits for men, women, boys, and girls of all sizes (from small to extra extra large (xxl)). For the fellas, there’s the Buc-ee’s swim shorts.  A pair of these are black with the classic Buc-ee’s logo plastered all over them.  There’s also a retro-inspired men’s swimsuit, too.  These come in a tie-dye rainbow and pastel blue patterns with a Buc-ee’s logo placed just above the left knee. Don’t forget your matching Buc-ee’s bucket hats!

2) Buc-ee’s Pool Floats

Beaver branded pool noodles and inflatable floats are ready to go when you are for hours of fun in the sun. Whether you’re a fun-loving kid or a sophisticated adult, a pool float is a must-have accessory for everyone during the summertime. They’re fun, carefree and will transport you to your own utopian daydream. Let’s face it, pool floats make for the perfect photo opportunity too! INSTAworthy summer.

3) Buc-ee’s Games

Buc-ee’s outdoor jumbo games include washers, block tower, cornhole and 4-in-a-row and these are just the start to the backyard Buc-ee’s themed games. No one will be getting bored at your backyard party and games are the perfect way to get a group of people together and have some friendly competition. Backyard beer Olympics, but make it Buc-ee’s themed? Count me in! You can even snag some Buc-ee’s kites, soccer balls and beach toys to keep the kiddos entertained as well.

4) Buc-ee’s rubs and sauces

Of course Buc-ee’s is known for their in-house barbecue menu and we’ll get to that on a different date, but if you want to chef it up yourself, you will find HUNDREDs of rubs and sauces unique to Buc-ee’s. Either get them for yourself or they are a great gift for the host and grill master. My only advice is give yourself some time to peruse because the options are endless! Oh, and don’t forget to snag your Buc-ee’s embroidered apron.

5) Need an Old Country BBQ Pit and Smoker? Buc-ee’s has that too!

Yes, you can even purchase the same model smoker that Buc-ee’s brisket is so famous for. I so realize I am getting a little outrageous here, but that is exactly what Buc-ee’s is. Outrageously ridiculous and incredible at the same time. You’ll be thrilled to find coolers, pop-up tents, firewood and ice as well to make sure your meats and snacks beat the heat from the hot Florida sun.

Anyone else excited about the thought of hosting a Buc-ee’s themed party this summer or is it just me? Don’t lose my invite in the mail!