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More than a bathroom…

As a dedicated real estate agent on The Zimmern Team, my days are a whirlwind of property showings, client meetings, and paperwork. Balancing a busy career with the demands of my 16 year old daughter and trying to keep up with my daughter who attends UCF, 20 and my 25 year old art savvy daughter, living in New Orleans — life keeps me on my toes. Amidst the chaos of my bustling life, finding moments of solace and relaxation becomes essential. For me, that sanctuary lies within my own home, particularly in my luxurious bathroom.


While Pensacola’s stunning beaches offer a tempting escape, my haven away from the hustle and bustle usually takes the form of a tranquil soak in my tub. In the serene ambiance of my bathroom, I find the perfect retreat to unwind after a demanding day of work. The peaceful moments spent here allow me to recharge and rejuvenate, preparing me to tackle whatever challenges the next day may bring.

In the world of real estate, where time is always of the essence, having a space dedicated to relaxation is paramount. My bathroom isn’t just a room; it’s a sanctuary where I can find peace and quiet amidst the chaos of life. For me, the value of a beautiful, tranquil bathroom cannot be overstated—it is truly a place of respite and rejuvenation in the midst of my bustling life as a Pensacola realtor.

If you’re like me and find respite in your bathroom, here’s five things I recommend you look for when you’re looking for your dream home and perfect bathroom:

1. Layout + Size: Ensure there is enough room for movement and functionality as far as the size & type of bath/shower you require.

2. Aesthetics: Consider the overall design and style of the bathroom to see if it aligns with your preferences and if it’s a space you can envision yourself relaxing in.

3. Ventilation: Look for proper ventilation to prevent mold and mildew.

4. Storage: Evaluate if there is enough storage space for toiletries and towels.

5. Lighting: Adequate lighting is key; consider both natural light and artificial lighting options.

At the end of the day the perfect bath and shower experience comes down to personal preference. But, we can all agree that that it should be a time for self-care, relaxation and comfort.

Tahnee Judice is a part of our Community Real Estate Voices, brought to by The Zimmern Team. The Zimmern Team Powered by Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast is a team of experienced, licensed real estate agents serving the residential and commercial real estate needs of the Gulf Coast. Follow Tahnee on Instagram 850.real.estate.