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Macey’s Favorite Athleisure Brands: Where to Find Them Locally

I love to dress up and have fun with styling, and the majority of the time you can find me sporting my favorite “athleisure”. Athleisure is one of the greatest concepts ever created in my humble opinion. Who doesn’t want to look cute and sporty while maintaining maximum comfort levels? The one good thing that came out of the last few years was the massive influx of matching sweat sets and chic workout clothes becoming everyday wear. As a direct influence of the pandemic there are many brands releasing new athleisure styles daily. Although this style of clothing has become mainstream and quite stylish, it can be overwhelming for the consumer. With so many options out there to choose from, let me help simplify some of your decisions. In this article I am going to introduce you to some of my favorite athleisure brands and where to find them locally! 


My current favorite athleisure brand on the market is Alo Yoga. Alo was originally known for their yoga leggings, but are now launching all types of athleisure. Alo is also known for making this casual go-to style remain trendy and elevated. If you are a fellow fashion-lover and are interested in keeping your comfy clothes stylish, Alo is the brand for you. My recent obsession is their relatively new endeavor: Tennis wear. (If you know me, you know my love for tennis and more importantly, my love for cute tennis outfits…but that’s for another article.) Pro tip: if you want some of the best sweats you’ve ever put on your body check out their Accolade sweat line (tall girl friendly). And if this interests you, I have some exciting news. You can find this brand at our very own Pure Pilates on Palafox street in Downtown Pensacola! I am a regular in their retail shop and do most of my workout clothes shopping here. Their buyer does a fantastic job when picking their inventory and it is %100 Macey approved! 

This next part is for all of the men out there that love to look cool while not sacrificing comfort. The men in my life absolutely love the brand Vuori for their everyday outfits. They love this brand because they can go from enjoying outdoor activities like surfing, fishing, and skateboarding straight to enjoying a couple of beers with “the boys” at Perfect Plain. A classic and loved style Vuori is known for is the “Banks Short”. This short is made out of recycled materials, is quick drying, has anti-odor technology, and a 4-way stretch. If you want your man to love what he’s wearing and look good wearing it, this brand is for you. Vuori can be found at our very own Innerlight Surf Shops, Running Wild, and Coastal Paddle Company. Next time you are struggling with what to get the men in your life, Vuori is a gift they are sure to love and use daily! (P.S. this would be a great Father’s Day Gift!)

Lastly, a couple years ago my mom bought my brother the most deliciously soft t-shirt for Christmas. You know it is a good one when they wear it on repeat everyday for a week…Gross! Come to find out this brand was called Free Fly and they are known for their lux bamboo material. No wonder this t-shirt felt softer than a baby bunny! And the good news is, they make womens clothing as well! I have recently purchased the Bamboo-Lined Active Breeze Skort from Innerlight and am going to live in it this summer. It has an extremely flattering fit and is going to be perfect for Pensacol’s notoriously scorching summers. If putting on your #ootd feels like slipping into the most luxurious bamboo sheets, count me in! Free Fly can be found at the Coastal Paddle Company just over the bridge in Gulf Breeze, Innerlight Surf Shops at their new downtown location, Intracoastal Outfitters on the on the Boardwalk on Pensacola Beach, or the New Fit2Run by the Cordova Mall! 

In the booming world of Athleisure it can be very easy to get lost in the retail sauce. But if you start off by checking out my recommendations above I promise you won’t be disappointed! Although there are many incredible brands out there this is sure to get you started in the right direction! I always prefer shopping local, and there’s nothing more important than ensuring the proper fit for your activewear.