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Local Pulse Welcomes The Zimmern Team

Real estate is a complex business.


It involves many moving parts that sometimes intimidate even the most experienced.

That is why we invited The Zimmern Team to join us for the next twelve months as we explore together the world of real estate, embrace the American dream of home ownership, and dispel the anxiety of how, when, and where to buy your next home.

Because this group of 20+ experts, led by Danny and Tonya Zimmern, have decades of experience, utilize cutting-edge technology, and deliver unparalleled service and results, we have extended the invitation to these trusted advisors to use the platform of Local Pulse’s new addition of a Real Estate section to problem solve for our readers.

We have discovered not only are they one of the most experienced real estate teams in our area, they are also deeply invested in our community.

They actively organize and participate in community events, support local businesses, and contribute to the overall well-being of our city. Their love for Pensacola is evident in their commitment to helping residents find their dream homes, entrepreneurs find a space for their new businesses and newcomers discover the joys of living on the Gulf Coast.

It’s been an honor to watch Tonya and Danny Zimmern grow their team into these twenty individuals who all share the same vision — to empower individuals and build community.

Although they share the same vision, each team member brings a unique set of strengths, skills and experience which we will be uncovering over the next year.

This new partnership means every week our readers and followers will get a unique look at the world of real estate from every angle.

  • What should first time homebuyers be looking for?
  • How has the market evolved over the last twenty years?
  • What are the different roles on a real estate team and how does that impact the experience you will have?
  • What makes the home buying experience different for a military family?
  • Why is the bathroom one of the most important room when house hunting?
  • How do you win the discussion of where the TV is going to go?

All these will be answered, with humor and lightheartedness added into the mix while doing so.

Simultaneously, we will honor and highlight the impactful work that The Zimmern Team is doing right here in our backyard.

From delivering school supplies to Brentwood Elementary to planning the biggest, grandest parade of the year — Pensacola Mardi Gras — The Zimmern Team is helping shape every corner of the community.

So, with no further ado, please join us in welcoming The Zimmern Team to The Local Pulse Pensacola Family!