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Game, Set, Style! My Mom’s Favorite Tennis Skirts

My mom and I are not only best friends, we also partner up for a tennis match every now and again. My mom has been an avid tennis player for years now and really has her tennis style down. When my mom and I are on the court there is a good chance we’ll be caught wearing matching outfits since our tennis styles are super similar. Like mother, like daughter! Tennis isn’t just about fierce backhands and powerful serves; it’s also a celebration of style both on and off the court. For many tennis ladies, the choice of attire is as crucial as actually winning the match. And in the world of tennis fashion, the iconic tennis skirt reigns supreme, blending functionality with flair.


Here, we delve into the wardrobe of tennis enthusiasts and uncover the top three favorite tennis skirts of one passionate tennis mom: Maria Hicks 

  1. My mom’s favorite tennis skirt has to be the Pace Rival Skirt from Lululemon. If you’re seeking the perfect blend of style, comfort, and performance for your tennis matches, the Pace Rival Skirt is for you! My mom’s number 1 requirement for her skirts is that the shorts underneath do not ride up when she plays. As women we understand there is nothing more annoying than having to adjust yourself 24/7…no thank you! This Lulu skirt is made with an active athlete in mind and the under shorts are lined with a tape-like sticky fabric that remains secure throughout your match play.. It’s lightweight and breathable fabric ensures you stay cool and comfortable throughout every point, while its moisture-wicking fabric keeps you dry even during this intense Florida heat. You can find Lululemon locally at Running Wild, Disco Lemonade, and Fleet Feet! 
  2. The Ace High Rise Skort (15 ½ inch) from Athleta is her second pick in the lineup. Let’s chat about the Ace High Rise Skort—it’s pretty sweet. My mom loves this skirt for both style and functionality. My mom and I are tall girls and this skirt comes in a long version which is hard to find in the tennis world! With a 15 ½ inch length, it’s got enough coverage to keep my mom feeling confident on the court. The high-rise waist is a game-changer for support, and the fabric is both stretchy and sweat-wicking, so you can focus on your game without distractions. Oh, and bonus points for the pockets—we LOVE anything with pockets. Give this skirt a shot, and you won’t be disappointed! 
  3. This next skirt she loves so much she has it in almost every color! It is called  the MCEDAR Pleated Tennis Skirt from Amazon! One thing about my mom you should know is she is all about a deal! At the beginning of each new tennis season, the group chat starts buzzing about what their team color will be. Once the team decides, my mom starts her mission to find affordable tennis wear in the same color! Oftentimes she can color-match for her team and find something on Amazon that works. Although she is known to hunt down a discount, she is never willing to sacrifice her comfort on the court. My mom recommends this option because it definitely checks all of her comfort boxes and is a great choice for someone who isn’t trying to break the bank! 

I hope this is helpful for you if you share the same love for tennis that my mom and I do, or if you are just starting out and curious about what the local tennis ladies are sporting on the court. Even if you have no interest in the sport, no worries. You don’t have to play tennis to add these cute skirts to your wardrobe. Even Maria wears her tennis skirt when she is just walking around town, or grabbing lunch with her friends. Tennis skirts are for everyone and can be an everyday go-to for all sorts of activities! 

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