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Choosing the Perfect Spot: TV Placement Tips for New Home Buyers

Ah, the eternal dilemma of TV placement in a new home! It’s like trying to find the perfect spot for a prized piece of art—only this art talks back.


The classic discussion about where we should place and use our precious televisions — It’s a dilemma we see time and time again in our line of business and a discussion so important that it can even be the final decision maker on whether or not a client buys a home. Seems silly, right? Well, actually, integrating a TV unit into a home without sacrificing the decor is a predicament that challenges even the best designers.

And believe it or not, TV placement is a common question, concern and talking point during many of our showings on The Zimmern Team. Enough for us to write about it and let you know that you can stop worrying about where your TV is going to go and focus on the important stuff, like whether or not the bathtub is deep enough for entirely submerged bubble baths. It’s 2024 and we have options!

**Living Room Limbo**: The classic choice. Just make sure your TV stand can handle the weight of both the television and the existential dread induced by binge-watching your favorite series.  

Or, put it in the ceiling like this homeowner (seen above)! With the help of Nexus 21 and their contractor, @olde2gold, the homeowners came to a compromise that made both the husband and wife happy.

**Bedroom Bliss**: Plenty of research states that having a television in your bedroom isn’t conducive to sleep.  We agree!  We also know sometimes the relaxation of watching a movie in bed on a lazy Saturday morning is exactly why having a tv in the bedroom works for some.

**Kitchen Command Center**: For the culinary multitasker who can stir a pot and shout answers at game show contestants simultaneously.

**Study Sanctuary**: Transform your workspace into a battleground for productivity vs. temptation. Can you resist the siren call of Netflix during business hours?

Which of the rules above does your household abide by? Remember your home and your lifestyle are deeply interwoven. With the right design and the right intention you can create a space that is form-fitted to your lifestyle. The best design should not only look beautiful but also complement and function with how you live – how your entire family uses each individual space.

Hylton Davis

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