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Our Taste Buds Change Over Time

I’m not sure who started the myth that our taste buds change every 7 years, though I have believed it for well over 7 years. I’d been under the impression, until a recent Google search, that our taste buds took 7 whole years to change. This explained why I was called “Plain Jane” all of my childhood, and why I had a strict diet of chicken tenders and/or Kraft Mac and Cheese. This explains why my now 8-year-old has recently been open to trying new foods and places to eat.


All because we eat what we eat until our tastebuds change.

Come to find out, this timeframe is non-existent. Our taste buds change EVERY TWO WEEKS. Every two weeks they are replenishing, and my lifelong theory has deceived me.

Jesus often breaks down his life-altering concepts with relatable metaphors in scripture. Being a visual learner, “seeing” words in imagery helps me to understand. In this case, our changing tastebuds simply signify our changing minds. Over time, our minds are wearing down and replenishing. Wearing down and replenishing. With the right care, we can preserve and maintain, though it will never stop the process of wearing away and replenishing.

All because we are who we are until our minds change.

Despite our changing tastebuds, we never lose our need for food. The constant here is our need for food, and the variable is our tastebuds. Though tastebuds change, our need for a meal does not. Similarly, our minds are constantly changing, though our need for Jesus does not.

During our small group time with the students this week, we talked about knowing Jesus and knowing about Jesus.

What is the difference?

When you know about someone or something, you can list general knowledge from what you have observed from a distance.

When you know someone or something, you’re connected more deeply.

For example, I knew about sushi as a child. From what I had observed, raw fish was, well, RAW. Based on observation, sushi was not appealing in the slightest. It wasn’t until I TRIED it that I realized the fresh flavors and combinations were delicious.

I knew about this Jesus guy for a while. It wasn’t until I TRIED getting to know Him that things started to change. From what I was seeing around me, anyone who knew Jesus seemed to be more joyful, trusting, and kind. The more I learned about Jesus, I realized that He was who He said He was and transformed all sorts of people’s lives.

Human nature and the culture around us have a grip on the ways we choose to get by. I’m considering that many variables go into the overall blueprint for you and me. A large part of my faith is believing that Jesus is just as essential as the food, water, and shelter that we need to survive.

All because we live the way we live until we let Jesus into our lives.

Our needs are basic, and our expectations are high. We could survive off bread, water, and Jesus alone for the rest of our lives. Our taste buds changing seems like a luxury now. A gift that God gave us when He made us, that allows us to experience new flavors and cultures all around.

God gave us our changing minds. He allowed us to think and process thoughts of all kinds. God also gave us His one and only Son, with a purpose to save us from the wear and tear that is bound to come. Jesus came to replenish us. He came to prove that through Him, God wants to show His unconditional love to us.

So as you go along in life this week, observe how long it has been since you’ve tried something new to eat. If you are like me, olives have never been your friend. Until recently, I’d be okay if I never saw an olive again. Our taste buds change over time. Our need for Jesus becomes more apparent the longer we let our souls just “get by”. Trust me when I say, He came to save our lives. He came to give us a taste of what life with Him is like and to heal us from the wearing away of our minds.

I encourage you to try something new. You may have been trapped in the idea that it could take 7 years or more before you were able to. Trust that your tastebuds and your mind have the ability to change, as long as you are willing to try something new today.

Local Pulse Writer & Holy Moments Columnist, Makenna Curtis