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Food Crush at the 2024 Gumbo Ya Ya

On Saturday, April 20th, Seville Quarter hosted their annual Gumbo Ya Ya Cook Off benefitting Big Brothers Big Sisters. Our food crush team, sponsored by Pensacola Eggfest, brought their tastebuds and own set of judging skills to the Phineas Phoggs room and sampled 12 different secret gumbo recipes from our community.


Amateur and professional teams competed for bragging rights for the best Gumbo in Pensacola.  As part of the rules, the three-person teams made gumbo from scratch. Each team arrived at 11AM to begin their roux for a 4pm start time.

“For a Louisiana boy to sample 12 different styles of gumbo was fantastic,” said Buck Hall. “But when you roll out a 10 gallon cast iron pot boiling with fantastic gumbo and you get the roux just right, the vegetables and shrimp poached just perfectly, I’ve got to give it up to that team.”

At 6pm, a panel of judges made a difficult decision on which teams won various categories. Each individual gumbo was judged on taste, smell, color, and consistency. Our team of food crushers chose their favorites and guessed who would take the big win and bragging rights home. Watch the video above to see if their guesses were correct!

And the winners are…


1. Solaris Healthcare Pensacola

2. Peace, Love and Gumbo

3. West Florida APA Sea Pirates

People’s Choice:

1. Krewe of De Pez

2. Louisiana Gumbreaux

3. Solaris Healthcare Pensacola

Judge’s Choice:

1. Thibodeaux Boys

2. The Pig

3. Seville Quarter

And in case you didn’t watch the video, our food crusher’s favorites were the below: 

Doug’s pick: Louisiana Gumbreaux

Buck’s pick: Krewe of De Pez

Luke’s (AKA Pocket Squirrel): The Pig

Sean’s pick: Seville Quarter

Congratulations to all the teams from yesterday! We are so impressed by the dedication and love that went into everyone’s cook. To close things out, we want to give one more big thank you to Big Brothers Big Sisters and Seville Quarter for having us out yesterday. It was an honor to taste so many delicious gumbos and spend the day eating some delicious food and giving back to our community, with our community.

Until next time, food crushers!

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