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Breaking News from Pensacola Police

There will be temporary road closures today along Garden and Palafox beginning at 8 AM to prepare for the 5 Flags Speedway Inaugural DeLuna’s Shipwreck’d Demolition Derby set to run at Noon. Detours will be posted with officers patrolling on rollerblades.
Spectators will be allowed along Palafox, PPE is highly advised.
Official Derby Rules:
1. No Trucks, SUVs, Limos, or Hearsts.
2. All cars must be stripped of all glass, body molding, and all exterior lighting. The interior and trunk area must be cleaned of anything that could injure driver during derby.
3. All doors must be chained, welded, or wired closed to prevent opening during the Derby.
4. All drivers will use DOT approved helmet and seat belts at all times. Shoes and pants are required. Shirts optional.
5. All cars must have working brakes.
6. Decommissioned Police Crown Vics will be awarded additional points.