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Behind the Scenes: Coastal Cat Cafe

You don’t have to be a cat purr-son to have the purr-fect morning at Pensacola’s Coastal Cat Cafe. How do I know? Because that’s me! A ‘dog person’ through and through who is now your resident cat lady. Okay, I wouldn’t go that far, but I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and will definitely be going back to visit 1508 West Garden Street’s fostered felines.


Last December, Adrienne Brynteson opened Pensacola’s first cat cafe. Although this may be Pensacola’s first Cat Cafe, they have actually been around for decades. Cat Cafe’s are becoming increasingly popular around the world and gained popularity in Asian cultures, the first cat cafe originating from Taiwan in 1998.

So what is a cat cafe? A cat cafe is a cozy sanctuary where humans can enjoy delightful beverages and treats, all in the company of adorable and adoptable cats. At Coastal Cat Cafe, they offer a purr-fect space for cat lovers and potential adopters to interact with their resident felines in an stress-free and relaxed environment.

Cat cafes not only help to reduce overcrowded shelters, they also help to  socialize cats to prepare them for life outside of cages. The existence of cat cafes in essence frees up space in the shelter and allows shelters to  care for more animals in need.  The goal of every cat cafe is to offer a cage free life for as many cats as possible.

“I have fostered and volunteered for numerous animal rescues, but I’ve always wanted to do more,” said owner, Adrienne Brynteson. “When I moved from Atlanta, GA a little over 4 years ago and was shocked that we did not have a cat cafe locally. With all the fun events we have to offer and all the dog friendly places, I thought to myself, cats need representation too!”

Adrienne Brynteson, Owner, Coastal Cat Cafe

That’s when Adrienne got to work! She discovered the Florida Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UWF and started taking night classes to learn more and more about how to successfully open a business. With hard work, passion, dedication and the support of the community she was able to turn her dream into a reality.

“I never thought I would have the opportunity to feel passionate about work, be able to create and learn again and to feel fulfilled — this is what Coastal Cat Cafe has done for me,” she said. “My only hope is to be able to use this platform to help as many cats as possible by giving them a better, more hopeful life.”

How does it work:

Rescue Partnership: Coastal Cat Cafe is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of cats in need. They collaborate with local rescue organizations to provide a safe and loving environment for cats while they await their forever homes. At Coastal Cat Cafe, you will have the chance to meet 15-20 adoptable friends from their shelter partners, PAWS and Pensacola Foster Kittens.

Cat Lounge: Their cats reside in the cozy cat lounge, a coastal charming  environment to give them an enriching temporary home while they wait for their forever families. The designated cat lounge is a playful oasis where you can interact with the resident felines. Whether you’re curling up with a book, engaging in a friendly game of chase with a cat toy, or simply basking in the company of our furry friends, the cat lounge promises a truly enchanting experience. Admission to the cat lounge will be by reservation or walk-in, but reservations are recommended to ensure availability. Cat lounge occupancy will be limited to 10 people to ensure a comfortable environment for the cats and you.

Cafe: Separate from the cat lounge, and totally free to visit, you’ll find a relaxing and welcoming cafe. They’ve strategically partnered with local vendors to provide the most delicious coffee and snacks for their visitors. All food items are made off site, so no cat hair included.

Purrfectly Pensacola: Embracing the essence of Pensacola, the cafe embodies the coastal beauty, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality that define our wonderful city. From the decor to the menu, every aspect reflects their love for Pensacola and their favorite 4-legged friends.

Check out my video above for a sneak peek inside the cafe and head to the Coastal Cat Cafe’s website to book your next visit.