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Local Musician Is On A Rockin’ Roll

Greg Mihaly is a talented local songwriter who fuses 80’s and 90’s rock themes with his love for the Emerald Coast. You’ve heard him rocking and rolling around town at places like Red Fish Blue Fish on Pensacola Beach.


Over the last couple of years, Mihaly has dug into his songwriting and is evolving the beloved genre of rock and roll music in a fresh, new light.

March 1, 2024, marks the release of his latest EP album, Stroll On. You can listen to it here!

Originally from Cleveland, OH, Greg spent most of his youth in Florida’s panhandle. Odes to life in Florida and sunscreen on his nose can make a local feel at home.

Now, after years of honing his skills on stages nationwide, he is excited to present his latest work. The experience of traveling with big-name artists and learning the ruthless ways of the music industry led him back to what mattered the most; Creating, producing, and releasing his original music.

Greg shared about the recent albums he has released in 2023, “This past year has been especially exciting for me. I’ve been releasing music that I’ve written, recorded, and seen through to production and distribution. The experience ended up being even more rewarding than I could have imagined.”

Greg’s debut album, Supernatural (LP), was released in June 2023. His follow-up effort, Lower Alabama Way (EP), arrived 4 months later in October. And today, Stroll On (EP), can be found on streaming platforms everywhere.

Mihaly honors the Pensacola music scene, dating back to the early 90’s. “These were the guys that took me in and taught me how to be a team player. The experiences from my earlier days, playing music in dive bars for a couple of cents a show, prepared the way for me to make it in the bigger music scene.”

Today, the more serious subject matters of life seem to be better resolved by going to the beach and sippin’ on an ice-cold drink. Gone are the days of spinning wheels to make it in the “big” music scene.

Greg starts his live local performances at the Handlebar on March 17th with the Pensacola Songwriter Rounds. Follow along with his flurry of new music and upcoming show dates here.

Below are a couple of snippets from his latest releases. Cheers to more rockin’ and rollin’! Find the latest releases, show times, and more by visiting Greg’s website, https://gregmihalymusic.com/.


Stroll On

“Strolling down the beach with opportunity in reach
I don’t want for nuthin’, I got everything I need
Sunshine is my pastime and this water is my soul
I’ll play to you a song or two but then I’ll have to stroll, yeah”

Lower Alabama

“Gonna live that Florida life with sand between my toes
Sippin’ on an ice-cold drink, sunscreen on my nose
Got a date I can’t be late, so I fly down Highway 98
I dedicate this toast to the Emerald Coast
So get up and get, get on down to sweet L.A.
Gonna rock and roll all night
Party every day, yeah!
Lower Alabama Way
Lower Alabama Way”

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