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The Good News About Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. An internationally recognized holiday, commemorating a not-so-good day if you know what it stands for. For many who are believers in the Christian faith, we are honoring the anniversary of Christ going to the cross today. Even for those of us who are not believers, there is still a profound significance behind the meaning of this day.


Christ goes to the cross today.

With age and maturity, the gravity of Holy Week descends deep down into my soul. I feel the holy moments in my bones when I reflect on the times of Jesus and the events leading up to his crucifixion. If you’ve never known the story, don’t worry. My journey with Jesus has not always been a priority in my life. The experience and story have less merit when you haven’t heard, or read it for yourself. See below for some light reading.

(Matthew 27, Mark 15, Luke 23, John 19)

Jesus conquered all of our fallen human instincts.

Humans were made in God’s image to be good. Unfortunately, we allowed some not-so-good instincts in when the enemy deceived Eve back in the day. Those spoiled fruits look like a lack of care and compassion, shame, jealousy, and greed. It’s the hurt, brokenness, and reason people are mean. It’s the unkind nature that comes with not allowing ourselves to believe in something.

Have no fear, Jesus is here.

The reason why this Friday is good is because Jesus chose kindness and sacrifice for others in every way a man could. Jesus illustrated the love of God through grace and mercy for others and was still sentenced to die. If you have ever wondered why bad things happen to good people, Jesus helps us to understand why.

There is power in the sacrifice.

Good Friday takes a few days to become good. Jesus left this Earth in rough shape and didn’t immediately come back to life. Technically speaking, no human should. Friday was awful for everyone who followed and loved Jesus. His death left a lot of people filled with a defeating doubt. The King who came from heaven, and performed all these miracles, is now gone after proclaiming what this life is about.

What kind of hope is left when you have lost all that you cared about?

We have all experienced or are experiencing trial and tribulation. These trying seasons have a way of layering on the fear and doubt. The good news is that God knows our toil. He leads Jesus, His only son, through the unimaginable to help US work it out.

The creator of our universe walks with us through our pain. Though Jesus felt forsaken on the cross, He trusted that His Father in Heaven would not take His name in vain.

Because Jesus went to the cross today, there is good.

Good Friday is a monumental moment in the grand rescue plan. Meaning we may be going through it today, though we know from Jesus’ experience, that there is good on the way. No matter the circumstance you are in, through trust in Christ, there is going to be good again.

We may not see death as a win today. The loss, the heartbreak, or the terrible news may have a debilitating hold on us in the suffering we face. A ransom we’d be willing to pay if we had the money to take it away. However, I’ve seen firsthand the fruits of recognizing the good in both what God gives and takes away (Job 1:20-21).

Jesus died for US today. There is a resurrection on the way.

May these words encourage and fill you with peace today. See y’all at the empty tomb on Sunday!

Local Pulse Staff Writer & Holy Moments Columnist, Makenna Curtis

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