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Holy Moments That Don’t Start So Holy

Take a moment to imagine with me. This article will help you understand why all moments are holy, though they may not start that way.


So you’ve got a rubber band. The rubber kind that wraps around your produce. The one that you DO NOT want to use as a hair tie unless you’d like to lose some hair.

You are holding the rubber band with both hands, and you begin to pull in opposite directions. The rubber band stretches tight.

You know you are strong enough to snap the rubber band with two hands if you pull it apart too quickly from left to right.

With a few pulls and releases, that rubber band becomes more stretchy.

Overstretching or moving too quickly, in just a short time, the rubber band loses its elasticity. It loses the ability to bind.

Do you feel like you are naturally flexible or are you generally pretty tight?

Now, I want you to think of the last situation, or moment in life where you felt tested. An experience that stretched you yet didn’t break you. This is the right side of your rubber band, holding it as if you were preparing to stretch it.

An angsty adolescent.
A loved one saying something they shouldn’t’ve.
The reckless driver in traffic.
A sip of coffee spilled on your shirt.
More work than you feel you can manage.
A trench in the relationship where you’ve got to put in the work.

The left side of the rubber band you are holding is all of the good that is happening in your life. Make sure you hold on to that side extra tight.

The good conversations you share with family and friends.
Walking, running, swimming, or exploring somewhere, forgetting for a moment that time exists.
The successful sips of coffee, the ones that didn’t spill.
A sunset, a moonrise, or a vast landscape that makes the world seem still.
That little sign or wonder must have been from God.
The breath in your lungs means you’ve still got a job.

The funny thing about two sides of a rubber band is you will never be able to tell which side you have in your hand. A rubber band was designed to bind on all sides, so no matter which direction it is stretched, the elasticity helps hold everything tight.

Just as a rubber band is more effective when there is tension on all sides, so is it that we should desire to have more tension in our lives.

The type of tension I’m referring to is a way of living that involves Christ. He lived in the moment as well as in eternity. He lived in humanness and He lived in His divinity.

John 1:1 In the beginning the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God.

We too can live in the suffering and be well when things aren’t “just fine”. We too can find peace when the storm is roaring outside. We have a God in Heaven who protects us when the enemy is trying to isolate us in our minds.

Though for some reason our humanness tries to often convince us otherwise. Our lack of trust in God’s elasticity leaves us too far stretched and unable to bind.

We often take advantage of the holy moments happening in our lives.

The fact of the matter is that the love of God is powerful and I believe Him more than ever when He says “You are mine.”

No matter how hard we try to stretch and manipulate our own life’s rubber band, God made us whole and we live in His hands.

All of these moments, the experiences, and the situations we withstand; are opportunities for us to stretch and expand.

I’m pressed to believe that each moment we experience is holy is God’s eyes. We must honor, and treasure them, and give thanks for the opportunity for every second of this life.

Local Pulse Staff Writer & Holy Moments Columnist, Makenna Curtis