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A Love Like No Other

My long-term relationship with “love” has seen its fair share of ups and downs. Haven’t we all been on a roller coaster of love since we can remember?


Being loved.

Loving others.

Avoiding love.

Singing about love.

Writing love letters.

Feeling the love.

Looking for love.

Running from love.

Overwhelmed by love.

Controlled by love.

Being angry with love.

Feeling betrayed by love.

Praising love.

Tough love.

Gentle love.

The love list goes on.

Love speaks all languages and can be felt in all sorts of ways. Growing up, I was blessed by both my mother’s and father’s love, along with the love of a big family all living in the same area. My family showered us with affectionate love, hugging and kissing our foreheads. Friends and family would say “I love you” even if we didn’t have the same blood flowing through our veins.

I discovered new love, as I was told in 4th grade by a boy I had a crush on that though he didn’t have a crush on me, he “loved me in God’s way”, which amounted to a love I thought was still better than nothing.

Love feels boundless. Layer upon layer. Ripped, peeled, or gently pulled away.

Come to find out, not everyone experienced love in the same way I did growing up. I’ve made friends with people who have claimed that their families hardly uttered the words, nor showed any kind of affection in their adolescent days. The idea was there, coated with a cold exterior hindering the true warmth that love brings us when exposed to the elements.

As I grow in my role in ministry, I’ve seen love travel to the ends of the earth, I’ve seen love bring people to surrender, and I’ve seen love that’s been lost and restored in miraculous ways.

There is a curious nature to love. The complexity of the topic gets diluted by the big production of Valentine’s Day, making it seem as though it is all sweet, sensual, and seductive. You and I both will accept these forms of love, yet I’m not sure it is that kind of love that keeps us sustained.

Love, in my experience, is much more complex than chalk-flavored heart candy and red roses. Love is more than saying “I love you” to your partner, family member, or friend.

Love is unconditional.

The worldly lens of love jades us from seeing the deeper meaning, which is made clear to us in God’s word. Thankfully, we ALL have access to this love that runs deeper than any ocean floor, all the way through to our souls’ core. It means more than the big stuffed teddy bear or the flashy diamond ring.

This kind of love is all-consuming and unending.

A scripture from Psalm 118:1 says “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever.”

The Hebrew translation for this version of love is, khesed. There is no precise English translation for this word, so it’s been noted as “steadfast, loyal, kind, good, and generous.”

The love that God intended for us never leaves. This type of love remains. Our flesh moves in and out of love, accepts or denies love, and gives or takes love away. Still, despite our thoughts, words, and actions; the love of God stays constantly the same.

My hope for you during this season of love, is that you uncover the truth about the love you deserve. A love with no conditions and no exceptions. This kind of love is a love that will fulfill you well beyond eternities gate.

This is the kind of love that surpasses all understanding.

A love that closes the gap between what you’ve lost and gained.

Love like this will fill you to overflowing, and you will never see love the same.

Till next time, my loving friends.

Local Pulse Staff Writer & Holy Moments Columnist, Makenna Curtis